Eminem – Kamikaze Review

8 months after Revival Eminem drops surprise album featuring Diss Tracks, Royce da 5’9 and the music from the Motion Picture for Venom making this album Fire!

Album was released at Midnight on 31 August and is now available to stream on Most music platforms. The album was produced by Dr Dre and Eminem and was released on Aftermath/Shady Record labels.

So the album has 13 tracks including Venom as the last track of the album and the artwork for the album is a homage to Beastie Boys debut album Licensed to Ill.


So the first playthrough of the album was good and I’ve enjoyed listening to it as well and it feels like Eminem has gone back to his original style and merged it with the latest beats, for example, “Lucky You” has the original feel of an old Eminem track but the way its spat over the mic is like “Rap God

The diss tracks are in my view needed in the music industry as some of the artists he has dissed make in my eyes crap music.

For example, the opening track “The Ringer” starts it all of by dropping a bomb out of the plane and hitting his targets which were Lil Yachty and Lil Pump and how they Imitate Lil Wayne it just shows Eminem isn’t bothered about upsetting the new contenders in the music business.

Another track “Fall” throws a threw diss’s at Odd Future and Tyler The Creator with the killer line “Get Earl the hooded sweater, whatever his name is to help you put together some words, more than two letters” And at the start of the track all you can hear is “Fag” which is something Odd Future usually say.

Which is a shame as Tyler is a fan of Eminem but he must feel like it is needed within the album to diss the lads and they even reacted and posted it on their Twitter.

Odd Future Diss

On Venom he basically diss’s everyone listening to Eminem with the killer line “I probably ruined your parent’s life and your childhood too, because if I’m the music that you grew up on I’m responsible for you retarded fools” Not sure if this is a diss as much but more of weird and unusual way of saying a thank you to his fans.

With the hype of the film coming out soon the song will get more views and listens with it being Marvel as well plus Venom is a good song it gets stuck in your head after about 10 playthroughs of the song.


So the album, in general, I think it’s great and a lot of people are going to say this and me included but I think Eminem has made up for Revival release last year as it wasn’t so great and only had a few good songs on the album and he had to spit how he felt about Donald Trump. But now that is over Kamikaze brings Eminem back to the table where he belongs with all the other rap greats and this album will be on repeat for the next few days.


I’m giving this album a 4/5 Stars.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this album and it’s only my second playthrough but songs like “The Ringer” “Fall” “Kamikaze” “Good Guy” and “Venom” are songs that are worth listening too.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What do you think of the album? Diss tracks too much? Let me know in the comments.

Well, thanks for reading Warriors! Let’s hope Kamikaze Part 2 is released very soon. and as usual, Links are below.

Kamikaze on Apple Music

Kamikaze On Spotify

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