Laser League Review

A Player vs Player Sports game that uses Laser’s Count me IN!

Hello Warriors and today I’m going to give you my take on Laser League that was free this month with the PS Plus Program.

So Laser League what is it about?

It’s a futuristic sports video game by Roll7, the creators of OlliOlli. Two teams of one, two or three players apiece compete to outlast their opponents by setting up moving lasers in an arena.

After reading that I downloaded it straight away as this sounds interesting and competitive to play.


So within the game, there are 6 classes you can choose to play with and they are:

  • Blade – Which has a Lethal Blade attack that can take out your opponent until the next round.
  • Ghost – Can become Invisible to the laser resulting you to pass through them to get to the other team.
  • Shock – Can stun the opponents to make them stand still for a few seconds.
  • Smash – Has a shield to Bash the Opponents to the floor.
  • Snipe – Has a Laser Rifle to aim and shoot at the Opponents.
  • Thief – Can convert Opponents lasers as your own.

And 4 Studiums to play in as well which are:

  • Empire Campus in London
  • Geng Hao Megaplex in China
  • Silvertip Arena in Detroit, USA
  • Al Shama Stadium in Doha, Qatar


Within the game, there are Pickups to pick up to change how the game plays and help you get the upper hand over your opponents but also every game consists of 3 rounds first one to two wins.

So I’ve played this for around 2 hours and have to say I’ve enjoyed playing it as it’s fun competitive and hard to put the controller down after starting the game. And this game is a simple but easy game to pick up and play and you don’t have to be technical or amazing to play it unless you want to play in the competitions that are available around the world like another PVP game Rocket League.

Here is me playing Laser League!

So with this said it’s time to give this game a rating!

I’m giving this game a 3/5 Stars It’s fun, perky and if you Blink you die!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

What do you think of this game? Let me know in the Comments!

And thanks for reading!!

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