QOTM – Spooky Edition – October 2018

Hello Warriors!

And welcome to the Spooky Edition of the Question of the Month!!

Once again Later Levels have provided us with another QOTM blog and with it being October it’s got to be a spooky addition to the list and rightfully so.

This month the Question at hand has been set by A Geeky Gal and the question is:

In honour of Halloween, tell me what video game scared you the most. What is it about the elements, environments, music, or characters in the video game that scared you?

Well, there were loads of games that scared me I don’t think I could just name one so I will have to name 3.

1. Resident Evil (The Original 1996 Release)

Okay so I didn’t play this when It first came out but I did play this game in 1998 when I was 8 or should I say I tried playing this game and got to the same point in the game and turn it off like a Wussy.

resident evil

But now I’m older and well I’ve played all of them up to Six I love the scary moments in the games the music that makes your blood run quicker and the adrenaline run faster in your body, Capcom makes great scary games and I would say they are the original masters at Zombies and they even made me purchase the books from playing the games in my teen years.

Plus I would love to get hold of a PS1 and The Director’s Cut version of the game and go back to being my 8-year-old self and conquer the fear I felt back then and maybe even play it in the dark on Halloween.

Notable Bosses

The bosses that took me ages to kill on this game were the Crimson Head Prototype and excuse my language and that big F****** Snake! also known as Yawn!

2. Silent Hill (1999 PS1 Release)

Another company that can make scary and interesting games, Konami threw this game into the mix in 1999 I remember getting this game off my Cousin to try and at first, It was okay then it got weirder and then creeped me out running around the town no one in sight besides flying beasts and rabid dogs trying to eat you and then I entered the school with the wheelchair moving and was like “NOPE” and hit the power button.

The Droney soundtrack and Dull environment made it work and to the point where I was like something’s going to jump out on me so much so I turned the game off countless times cause of it.

3. Siren Blood Curse (2008 PS3)

Wow I didn’t even play this game that much I remember buying it from GAME in their 2 for £20 deal and installed it and updated it and started playing it the opening cut sense scared me to death before I even started playing it, made by Sony’s own gaming team with the help of Project Siren this was the third instalment to the series and I didn’t even play the first two and looking back I don’t think I will.

However, I got to give them the love for the whole Camera recording style in the game and cutscenes were really good.

What games were you scared of the most? or is there a game at Halloween you like to play to set the mood for scary moments? Let me know in the comments below!

And once again thanks to A Geeky Gal for the Question this month and Later Levels for hosting the QOTM as usual Much Love to the Bloggers!

Thanks for reading!

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