Black Ops 4 – From Beta With Love.

So as we are Mere hours away from the new addition of call of duty there are only two questions to ask ourselves?

1. Will it kill PUBG?
2. Will the player base stay solid?

I think the answer is no and yes.


After playing the beta on the PC and Xbox it has some solid ideas about how it wants the blackout mode to play out, it’s fast-paced, Its high loot, It’s really fun.
Obviously, we cannot speak about Battle Royale without some honourable mentions first

H1Z1 – Fancy a helmet for 20 quid?
Pubg – I am here for the guns and skins?
Fortnite – I want colour I wanna build
Realm Royale – I want medieval Fortnite minus building
Battlefield 5 – You know as much as I do
Islands of nine – A glitch among the matrix of royale games
All the others – We get it.

But for the first time, a known AAA company has decided to create their own recipe of chaos on a battlefield of 100 people, Solos, Duos, Squads as standard.
But it was just more it felt more tuned in it felt more in your face and I still don’t have a clue what gun I like.

It’s bringing to the table gadgets like Grapple gun, Sensor dart (my favourite), recon car, monkey bombs and more.
It took old black ops maps and made them part of a huge green looking glorious piece of art where helicopters, Boats and cars can whizz around whilst shooting the living truck out of the enemy.
It captured something beautiful in a genre that has previously either been too serious or too silly in my opinion.

So if you are coming online tonight to shoot down the enemy and emerge as the winner you are joining a long line of folk wanting that same spot.
I don’t have much more to say on the subject but I will return to give my verdict on the game in a week or so I leave you with this…

Grab your grapple gun, Load them pistols, Cock them rifles and Bring your A game to the first AAA Royale game.

Published by kushnonstein

I am a gamer who has played for years Who will continue to play for years Streaming for fun, non pro, non skill.

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