5 Most Expensive Rock/Pop Music Videos

Cameras? Musicians? Music? That’s right today I’m discussing the 5 Most Expensive Rock and Pop music videos made to date. Something a little different to the usual gaming posts.

5. David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes – $582,000


Hitting the list at number Five is a late and great David Bowie with his 1980 release of Ashes to Ashes this song was David Bowie’s second number 1 in the UK and hitting 26 Million Views on Youtube this video was known for being unusual and Creepy that it bought to the table and rightfully so with the total bill resulting in half a million dollars.

4. The Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong – $1,000,000


Coming in at Number Four is none other than one of the Rock Classics within the business The Rolling Stones with there song Love is Strong. The first track off of their 1994 Album Voodoo Lounge and being able to peak at Number 14 in the UK Charts this music video Directed by David Fincher (Alien 3, Fight Club) If that’s not worth a 1 Million Dollars then I don’t know what is.

The Video shows the Stones and Lovers being giant versions of themselves rumbling around New York City and reaching only 11 Million Views on youtube making this the lowest video watched on my list.

3. Micheal Jackson – Bad – $2,200,000


Hitting Number Three is The King of Pop Micheal Jackson with one of his Iconic videos and songs Bad, hitting the TV and radio waves in 1987 the full music video was 18 Minutes long and was Directed by Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, The Wolf of Wall Street) If that’s not worth the Millions I don’t know what is but this song at Number one in Various Music Charts around the world and still to this day is watch and listened to by millions of people raking in 251 million views on youtube!

Who’s bad now?

2. Guns N Roses – Estranged – $5,000,000


At Number Two is another Iconic Rock Band Guns N Roses with their 1993 release of the music video “Estranged” showing live performances from Munich as well as Axl jumping off a Boat and Slash rising from the waters to perform a guitar solo not once but twice in this video. Also directed by Andy Morahan who has also directed other music videos for the likes of Van Halen, Bryan Adams, Paul McCartney and even a Micheal Jackson Music Video feating Slash he seemed the right choice for the music video with him directing the first two GNR videos for the “Unofficial” Del James Story.

This song didn’t perform as well as others on this list peaking at number 16 in the US Charts and 114 Million Views on youtube but it takes Number Two on the list with $5,000,000 Spent.

  1. Micheal Jackson Feat. Janet Jackson – Scream – $7,000,000


The King of the list is no other than Michael Jackson with his video for Scream which the bill for the video came to a staggering $7 Million Dollars Directed by Mark Romanek who’s known for also Directing Johnny Cash’s Hurt this music video took a month to film with building a 13 piece set for the spacecraft for the video as well as getting every bit of the video right the video takes the top spot.

Once again reaching Number One in Various Music Charts around the world and certifying Platinum Status for the song alone this will be hard to knock off the top of the list and has sat at top of the list since 1995 and with 87 Million Views on Youtube I wonder if they made back their $7 Million Dollars? Probably not but this song and video are worth watching if you haven’t seen it already.

Well, what do you do think to this list? Did I miss an artist out? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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