Gang Beasts (Review)

Ragdoll Physics? Fighting? Dressing up in outfits!? What more could you want in a fun silly game to past time?

Welcome Warriors today I’m going to give my views on the 2017 Playstation release of Gang Beasts which is hopefully coming to Xbox One soon as well. Produced by Double Fine Productions (Also known for Brutal Legend and Grim Fandango Remastered) gives them a new approach to the Multiplayer side of gaming and leaving the single player stories for some pointless fun action!

So what is the game about? Well not much more you can say than you and 3 friends (local or online) fight against each other until one is left standing and there are different game modes to play as well ranging from Football, Brawl and a mode called Waves where you go against waves of enemies until they die or you do.


So this game was pretty fun to play but there were a few snags in the game, mainly being the online side to this game connecting to the games were impossible at one point plus I feel that not many people have purchased this game making it harder to play online, however, the local game mode is still good as you can go against the AI within certain game modes.

Is it worth £14.99???

In my eyes, I don’t think it is it needs a lot of work done to make it a £15 game but I can see this game becoming something big especially with the makers giving people who buy the game on PC the tools they need to make their own items, clothes and game modes within the game.

Like I said I think this game is to past time with friends and to just have a good time and that being said I’m going to give this a 2/5 Stars!

More work needed for the game but I can see this being a good game in the future.

Bandicoot Warrior 2 Stars

What do you think of this game? Let me know in the comments below!

And thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Gang Beasts (Review)

  1. Ah yes, the fatal flaw of online games – it’s only as good as the number of people playing it. Still, it seems like a cute little game to play with some buddies when you have time to kill. I prefer local multiplayer anyway so the fact that it has options for both is pretty good!

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    1. Yeah I know what you mean there Rob just a shame the online side literally takes you 10-15 minutes to get a game but hopefully in the near future it will change

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