Daily Inking – Concert Clothing?

Hey Warriors!

Just a quick Blog Post on a Daily Inking post that I was mentioned in by Normal Happenings so I’d like to say Thank You for the mention and shoutout and here is my answer.

So the question was:

Describe the outfit you would wear to a concert. Are you a jeans and t-shirt fan, or do you like to dress up nice? 

You can view the Original post here

So My Answer!?

Well I’ve not been to many Concerts in my life I’ve been to Festivals.

List of Concerts/Festivals

  • Download Festival 2011
  • Download Festival 2012
  • Blitz Kids
  • Example
  • Download Festival 2015
  • So I’ve done my Fair-share of Concerts and before I go onto clothing I will mention the top 5 Artists I’ve seen.
    1. The Darkness
      Marilyn Manson

    Anyway back to the question at hand I would say clothing would be Jeans or Shorts depending on the weather and I would go for my Van Halen or Steel Panther Band Tee if it was a rock concert or just a normal Polo shirt or Shirt if it’s just a concert and not like a festival.

    But what are your choices let me know in the comments below.

    And thanks for reading!!

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