Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

Bethesda? Fallout? Online Wasteland?! That’s right Warriors Bethesda have made an Online Fallout game and today I’m going to discuss whether it’s worth your hard earn money or not.

So Fallout 76 is a Online only Multiplayer game which features your Character in a country with other players after emerging from Vault 76 to rebuild the world.

To me that sounds amazing and when I saw the trailer at E3 and the showcase I was loving it and I even wrote a post a while back on the topic.

Has my Opinion stayed the same? Well in a way yes it has, after playing the BETA yesterday and today It’s shown me that I really enjoy the fallout games and not meaning to sound bias but anything they make will be good in my eyes.


I believe this game will be a hit and miss for most people and I would even say new players being introduced to the Fallout series don’t start on 76 or you’ll not get on with the game and think the whole Series is crap 💩

Start with Fallout 3 or New Vegas, the reason I say this is mainly cause the game runs on a survival mode (I know it sounds dumb but let me explain) In Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 there was a game mode where you could change the difficulty to Survival meaning you had to drink water and food to survive as well as sleep to keep your energy up.

This game has this built into the normal settings of the game so it cannot be turned off so as soon as you leave Vault 76 it’s their now me personally I like it I just feel new players will hate it and think what’s the point making the game harder.

Also another thing is Ammo on the BETA I’ve been playing ammo is like gold rare and hard to find but that could be me not searching everything.

Environment is beautiful don’t get me wrong their are a few bugs in the Beta for example I glitched through a wall (Classic Bethesda) and the textures of another building went missing but besides that looks beautiful.

The Emotes are ace actually make the game amusing when trying to talk to other players and they just ignore you but all in all a fun little feature.

So far the story and questing is something I’ve not been following I’ve just been doing it to level up but it feels 100% like Elder Scrolls Online and me personally I got bored of that very quickly.

And the last thing I’ll discuss is the enemies so far so good bit easy to take down but plently of hacking and wacking to do.

Unless it’s this guy…

All in all I enjoyed what I’ve seen so far and I will be buying this game in a few weeks time I just hope it doesn’t flop for the sake of the Series but we will have to wait and see.

What do you think? Have you played the BETA? Then let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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