Later Levels – Question of the Month – November 2018

What’s Up, Warriors!

Today I’m going to be giving my answer to the Latest QOTM that has been showcased by Later Levels.

So this month’s question has been set by Sheikah Plate and the question is,

If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? This doesn’t include series – you can’t choose ‘Zelda games’, you must choose Ocarina of Time for example. This question assumes that the developer will continue to update the game if it has bugs that need fixing. It also assumes that, if the game has previously been released with DLC, there will continue to be new DLC for the game forever. If there is an online multiplayer mode it also assumes that there will also be a full lobby for you to play in. So what would you choose?

Now I know what my followers we are saying: “Here comes another Fallout blog post…”

Well, You’re Wrong!

Please Enter My Winner for this Question…..

The Winner!

BW RDR2.gif

Red Dead Redemption 2!

Now usually I would choose Fallout for most of my answers but after playing RDR2 recently I’ve got to say this is by far the best game I’ve played in a long time and it has blown me away with the number of things you can do! (If you haven’t played it yet. GO GET IT!)

BW RDR.gif

Anyway back to the question at hand, The reason I’ve chosen this game is I’ve always loved the Cowboy genre in Films Music and Gaming.

Before you say Music is Pantera – Cowboys From Hell, not country music not a big fan.

I know this game has only just come out and it looks like I’m plugging the game for Promotion but I’m not it really doesn’t need promotion, I just love the feel of the game it flows so well the graphics are amazing the storyline is fun and Interesting one word for you – LENNY!

But if Rockstar were to bring DLC out for this game forever then I would be happy riding my horse kicking ass and taking names and making the bounty on my head higher than ever. The environment is amazing and the wildlife is beautiful to look at a well as hunt too.

And what’s more crazy is that the Online for this game isn’t even out yet! Madness but a full lobby every time I play would be amazing as I’d be able to do Co-Op missions or Horse Racers and not have to worry about people not being there to play.

I just hope Rockstar don’t ruin the online side of the game Like they did GTA V

BW BTTF3.gif

(Don’t worry a Review Post on RDR2 will come soon either from me or Tom)

Well, that’s my choice I feel kinda bad letting down Fallout since I do play that more than anything but It Is What It Is.


And lastly, I would like to say Thank You to Later Levels for once again Showcasing the Question of The Month! and to Teri Mae for the Question this month.

Keep Checking back for new posts from the Team!

And Thanks for reading!



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