Making Your Supergroup!

A Music Supergroup?

That’s right today’s blog I’m going to create a music supergroup and give you the reasons for my choices. And you Followers, people passing by or anyone can join in by submitting their choices below in the comments.

So for this little bit of fun, you can choose 5 Musicians from any Genre they don’t have to play instruments they could just be singers but give the reasons for your choices and they can be passed or present and dead or alive.

So Let’s Begin!

Member 1 – Stewart Copeland – Drums – Ex Member of The Police

So the first member to join my supergroup is Stewart Copland the Drummer to The Police, the reason I chose Stewart is that the range of styles he can play on drums is insane but also the amount of albums he has done for Tv Shows naming a few ranging from The Equalizer to The Amanda Show to Gaming Soundtracks well when I say Gaming Soundtracks I mean all the Spyro games but to his ballet and not even mentioning his movie soundtracks he has done over 25 musical scores which will make Stewart the most experienced in my Supergroup.

Member 2 – Paul McCartney – Bassist/Vocals – The Beatles

So next in my group is the Legend himself, Paul McCartney the Bassist/Vocalist to The Beatles this guy has some amazing Bass lines within his songs and loves to make music and has been featured with many artists making him a musician that can change genres easily and just fit in plus he could also play the piano if we need it and everyone has heard of The Beatles and Paul McCartney if you haven’t then you need to! The Beatles have sold over 500 Million Albums worldwide and McCartney’s Discography reaches over 100 Million worldwide which is pretty good for a solo artist and is at the top of the table with other Artists like Michael Jackson, Eminem and Bruce Springsteen.

Member 3 – Jack White – Lead Guitarist – Member of The White Stripes

Coming in as the third number of the Supergroup is Jack White the guitarist for the White Stripes but has also got a Solo career as well as other bands the reason for choosing him is his guitar licks are nice sounding but so easy to play as well but the effects he uses with his guitar make them sound weird and interesting giving us a different vibe in music as well. The White Stripes, Jack White has sold over 10 Million albums and a few million with his Solo career I feel Jack White would fit in perfectly with this band.

Member 4 – Noel Gallagher – Rhythm Guitarist – Ex Member of Oasis 

Member 4 is none other than Noel Gallagher who was the guitarist for Oasis as well as his Solo Career Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds this guy I feel fits perfectly with the members I’ve chosen because The Beatles is one of his influences along with The Smiths and others he would be working with Paul on making some good licks but also I would love to see Noel and Jack work together to see what they can make. Not only that Oasis have sold over 70 Million Copies and that is just one album I got the Stats and two Noel and Oasis are one of my Favourite bands so I’ve got to have him in here.

Final Member – Dave Grohl – Vocals/Guitar – Foo Fighters 

And my last member is Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and if the Foo’s can have three Guitarists so can I this one is a little risky adding to the Supergroup but hey why not Dave’s vocal range is great but not only that he makes and has some wacky ideas for music videos but is also a great guy, having previously worked with Paul makes this interesting already along with Steward on Drums I would also love to see a Drum off and see who comes out on top. Plus the Foo Fighters have sold over 10 Million albums worldwide but also Dave is known in the music business by a lot of people even if it is cause he was the Drummer for Nirvana.

Well, these are my choices but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

BW Comment

Also, tell me your choices below and let’s see what you can make in your supergroup.

Thanks for reading!

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