Stan Lee’s Top 5 Marvel Appearances

Hello Warriors and today I’m doing to discuss Stan Lee’s top 5 Marvel Appearances in Films in my opinion.

 So the last month has been pretty interesting as we’ve had Red Dead Redemption 2 released as well Fallout 76 being released today as I write and some decent films in the Cinema including Bohemian Rhapsody but unfortunately, we also lost a Legend in the entertainment business and that being Stan Lee. 

So as I’m waiting for the Postman to deliver my Fallout game Lets look back on Stan Lee’s top Cameo’s in Films. 

5. Mallrats Shopping Centre (1995)

Now I know what your thinking this isn’t a Marvel film your right it’s not but It had to get a mention as when I first watched this film I didn’t see it coming plus how we spoke about Spider-man having relationship problems until Brodie realised it was Stan Lee! and even shouting words at him!

Link Here:

4. The Hulk (2003)

Now we’re getting into Marvel films and with this one knocking on the door early is The Hulk reason I’ve chosen this because he has had 3 Cameos for Hulk Films and TV but this one stands out by far as the guy walking and talking to him is none other than Lou Ferrigno who played the Original Hulk in the Television series without him and Lee working together maybe the Marvel films wouldn’t have existed. 

Link Here:

3. Avengers Age of Ultron (2005) 

In at Number 3 is Lee’s cameo for the second Avengers movie where Thor has this 1000-year-old aged drink and as Stan Lee said “Stop trying to scare us Blondie pass it over” then to a drunken Stan Lee being carried out of the place saying only one-word “Excelsior” Classic. 

Link Here:

2. Thor Ragnarok (2017)

At number two is 2017’s Thor Ragnarok where Stan Lee cut’s Thor’s hair for the battle against Hulk but I remember watching this in the Cinema laughing my head off at Thor screaming cause he was going to lose his hair classic Cameo for me. 

Link Here:

1. Spiderman 3 (2007)

And number one on my list is Spider-man 3 only for what Stan Lee says to Peter Parker at the end of the film, “You know, I guess one person really can make a difference…Nuff said!” and your right Stan Lee only does take one person to make a difference. 

Link Here:

And that’s my list peeps what do you think? Did I miss any? or are there some that need to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

Once again I would like to say Thank You to Stan Lee for making the superheros he did and also branching out into the film industry and making them bigger than ever I was never a Comic fan until I started watching the films so without that I wouldn’t of read the comics or not become a Marvel Fan so Thank You! 

More posts coming soon once I can unstick myself from Red Dead and soonto be Fallout 76! 

Thanks for Reading! 

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