Fallout 76 – My View On The Game

Online Survival with the chance to Nuke others that’s right Warriors today I’m going to give my take on the newly released Fallout 76.

Okay so, to begin with, I know the game has had a lot of hate and complains since it was released and quite rightly so the game is buggy, not fully complete and as Todd says “It Just Works”


But just like any other Fallout game, it wouldn’t be Fallout without some good and dumb bugs and glitches to mess with.

But on a serious note, I would have not released this game yet as it’s just not ready for the Wanderers of the world to play it needs some more TLC from the guys but what’s more annoying is that they have just released an update for the game and it has made it more playable but then you read other people’s journey’s to see that they have had even more glitches happen to them.

One for me is that it keeps crashing my PS4 which is annoying but don’t worry there are some positives in my review of this game cause, of course, it’s a Fallout game and if anyone knows Bandicoot Warrior they know I love Fallout.


But let’s get rid of the bad stuff first…


What was Bethesda thinking when they said No NPC’s are in this game the only ones we have are Robots this is crazy and is also a little dull and boring walking around a town without anyone there I know we are the first ones out of the Vault but surely people survived or there would be some people at least. Not Cool Bethesda.



Not going to Lie on this one but I have used VATS a handful of times in my eyes there’s no point in it with it being an online game having real-time VATS is useless the enemies run off or hide and you can’t get a good shot off unless it’s point blank and in my eyes if your point blank you don’t need VATS in this game.



The Player Verus player isn’t great at all the idea of going into a duel is the best bit of this idea but the bad thing is that if you have a level 50 and a level 6 just for example the level 50 can keep shooting the level 6 until he can go down which is rubbish and at the moment you have a lot of players doing this at the moment which is annoying and frustrating but hopefully there will be changes soon or a patch or something to sort that.



So with all other Fallout games that I’ve played Bottle Caps play a big role in spending and selling in Fallout games within 76, there is no point in them unless you fast travel everywhere and need to use them to travel as the prices of the Bots selling items are a joke and too expensive there dearer in this game than others but also earning them is not as easy as you think if you finish a quest you can get 40-100 Caps for the quest which is okay but in the amount of time I’ve played the most I’ve had is 476 Caps and they go just like that when buying stuff or being killed in PVP.


Dropping Items

So the looting system is the same as Fallout 4 which is good and to make it better when you drop items it goes into a little brown bag which I think is a nice touch from Bethesda, the only problem with this is when you die in PVP you drop all your Junk items in a brown paper bag for someone else to have which over the few days I’ve been playing is so annoying especially when you’ve looted 20 Duct Tapes and about 100 Tin cans to repair your weapons and armour for someone to steal making you back at square one, Not Cool Bethesda.


Environment and Textures

In all fairness, there aren’t many bad things wrong with this and I think the Environment is ace just feels like Fallout 4 in a different area just there are a few areas that glitch and some items are pure green like they haven’t loaded but also some places don’t load properly making my console crash (Could be my PS4) but still quite annoying when you reload the game and your 5 minutes behind on what your doing.



Now until last night, I didn’t have a problem with Enemies but I was reading online a lot of enemies are disappearing on people before or after they have killed them but I was doing a quest last night where I had to “Kill Evan” for the Overseer and well I couldn’t cause he was already dead, maybe another update will  fix this but we will see.


Looking back at what I’ve written that’s A lot of bad things so what’s good about this game? Well, lots of things!

Why should you buy this Buggy Glitchy Game?

Well, the first thing is that if your a fan of Fallout buy it and give it a go and support Bethesda in their change to Online, but here are the reasons Fallout 76 is an upcoming good game to keep an eye on.


Being able to play with friends is ace especially in the wastelands it’s different than playing Single Player and in all fairness, the amount of online players you see is rare so it feels like a Co-Op game with your friends without the Agro of other players. Not only that we’ve all wanted an Online Fallout game and Bethesda have managed to give us one so we should stick with it and make it a game that will change online multiplayer action role-playing games for the future.


Food and Drink

Having survival mode on this game in my eyes is great I love that you need to eat and drink to wander the wastelands to find loot and kill the enemies it makes it a challenge to play and not be like I have food and water to restore my health only plus it makes you think drinking Toxic Water will give me Rads but replenish 5% of my Health lets boil it and make it okay to drink.



Now this is great I loved the Settlement building in Fallout 4 and that they have brought it over to 76 is great and I have built my own little camp shame someone has destroyed it but I will start it again soon but it’s like your little home where you can cook, repair, create and invite your friends back to just rest from the wasteland.



Levelling up in this game is pretty good it is kind of the same as Fallout 4 with the perks but you have to have the card of that perk to use it and the card has 3 different levels which you can level up by getting the same card again. I think it’s great and it’s something different to use within the game and you can swap the cards at any time so there not bound to your character making it easier to use any cards you get when you level up.



The number of weapons within the game are good there is a different range of them to use and get mainly Pipe weapons at the moment but I recently got a Grenade Launcher so you know I’ll be having fun with that but also I like that weapons break and you have to maintain them it makes the game more difficult but at least you know not every gun is indestructible and higher level people will have the struggles of repairing them as well.

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The environment is great I mentioned above that it’s glitchy but you can’t really knock it the items within the game are good and it looks great and I love exploring the Wasteland as long as it doesn’t glitch on me.

AntBee Bandicoot Warrior

Public Events

Public events for players to take part are great you can all team up and raise hell in the wasteland and earn caps and items for doing so, so far the Events are quite hard at the moment and not many people join in to take part but soon I think they will when rare or good gear becomes available only through the Events.


Now there are two things I haven’t mentioned in this Blog and that’s Atom’s (Micro-Transactions) and Nukes the reason I haven’t as well I haven’t been nuked or seen one go off yet I can’t wait to but until it does I can’t really comment on it.

Map Sneak Peek 2 BW

And the other thing is Atoms and I’m not going to cause most games these days are going towards Micro-Transactions I don’t it but there’s nothing you can do about it besides not buying them but I do like how it is only Cosmetic stuff and nothing to advance your journey within the wasteland for now anyway.


Overall Thoughts?…

Well, it’s come to that time where I have my say out of 5 what this game is for me. And for a Bethesda game, it’s not looking good I love Fallout and I always will and I’m going to keep playing this game and see how it changes throughout updates and see if it becomes a better game.

But in my eyes, Bethesda rushed this game for release the BETA stopped on the 8th November giving them 5 days to fix things and the servers and game was released a day early in some places, in my eyes it shouldn’t be out yet they should have taken more time to make this game a great one which you and your friends acme rule the Wasteland instead this game is a rough, unfinished game that still feels like a BETA in some instances.

For me, it’s a 3/5 Stars and that’s pushing the boat giving it a 3 only cause I like the Fallout Series.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well, what do you think of Fallout 76? Did I cover everything or is there something I missed? Let me know in the Comments below!

BW Comment

And as usual Thanks for Reading!

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