Belong – Manchester Trafford Centre GAME

Hey Warriors and today I thought I would write about my time and experience with the guys at Belong in Manchester.

So What Is Belong?…

Belong aims to be a place where every gamer can come and feel part of something bigger. Want to play the latest and greatest titles next to your friends? Compete in your favourite game against some of the country’s best? How about experience the latest in VR gaming? They’ve got you covered! You can do all of this at Belong, and even take part in some exclusive events that we host right across the country.

From the halls of Insomnia to the online battlegrounds of the UK Masters. The first Belong Gaming Arena opened in Manchester in July 2016 as part of the Trafford Centre’s GAME store. From there, Belong arenas have continued to open across the country including Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Plymouth Gaming, competition and community are the driving force behind Belong, and they believe the best gaming experiences are those shared with others.

Different Arenas and Their Tribe Names.

So I’ve known about Belong but I wasn’t too sure about the place I always thought you had to book in and was only for parties but it definitely is not just that. Yesterday me and Glitzy Warrior AKA James were Christmas Shopping yesterday and to kill some time we decided to see what this Belong was all about.

351SN (1)
The Second Floor of GAME within The Trafford Centre

So as walking up the stairs to the Gaming Arena, We were greeted by the manager of Belong straight away and he could see by our faces it was our first time entering this gaming area and basically showed us all around and explaining what they do which is basically a place for gamers to hang around and play against their friends or just play the latest and greatest releases available but also have Challenges for people to take on (More on about that later)

They also do Parties and bookings for you and your friends to take on each other and well just basically have fun.

So as the Manager was showing us around he was explaining what is available with every station which is a £3000 Gaming Rig as well as an Xbox and Playstation with the latest and greatest games to play.

12 Gaming Stations 6 on Each Side

So after showing us around he then explained the pricing of renting one of their gaming rigs the prices were very good and reasonable starting at £5 for the hour and within that hour you can play any game you want but the best thing is you could book out the 12 stations for a party of your own or just for fun with friends me and James were thinking of doing so soon for some COD and FIFA tournaments with our friends which would be a blast with the screens they have.

Anyway, after explaining that they then went on to tell us about the Challenges, they have at the moment which was setting a lap time in Forza Hozian 4 and 10 Kills In Player Unknown Battlegrounds, well I’m no good at Battle Royale games so I went straight with the Forza Challenge and the best bit was it was free to enter and didn’t have to pay to use the gaming rig.

Literally 1 hour and 20 minutes later I set a time on Forza of 2:48 and they took a picture of the time and then entered my GAME reward card into a competition to win an Xbox One.

And to make it better cause we did the Challenge they were also giving away a T-Shirt for free for doing the Challenge which made the whole gaming experience even better.

Me and James Receiving Our Free T-shirt.


So to conclude?…

These gaming arenas are impressive and with never going to one it was a different experience with seeing different gamers from different ages coming together to game together and challenge each other within different games but also it was nice to get out of the real world to relax and jump back into gaming after a little shopping.

These places are fun worth giving a go, I must admit at first I was a little intimidated about going upstairs to see what it was all about but I’m glad I did and if I go the Trafford Centre again I know I will definitely go and see what’s happening at Belong in GAME.

Well, thanks for Reading Warriors! You know the drill by now comments are welcome below!

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