Creed 2 Review

Boxing? History repeating itself? That’s right Warriors this is my review on Creed 2 the newest film to the instalment.

So I watched the film last night after a little Xmas Shopping and I enjoyed the first instalment to the Film series and knowing they would make more of them I knew I had to go watch it.

And with a 50 Million budget to make this film and already receiving $90 Million from Box Office makes it a no-brainer for me to go see the film.



Warning Spoiler Alerts Ahead Skip to My Review If you don’t want the film being ruined for you.

Three years after his loss to “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, Adonis Creed scores a string of victories, culminating in a victory over Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler to win the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. Now a worldwide star, Adonis proposes to his girlfriend, Bianca Taylor, who agrees to marry him. When Bianca suggests starting a new life together in Los Angeles, Adonis is reluctant to leave his life behind in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Ivan Drago, a former Soviet boxer who killed Adonis’s father, Apollo Creed, in the ring thirty-three years earlier, sees an opportunity to regain the glory that was taken from him as a result of his loss to Rocky Balboa in Moscow later that same year by pitting his son, Viktor Drago, against Adonis.

Ivan and Vikor Drago at the Creed v Drago Weight In 

Overwhelmed with all the recent developments in his life, Adonis rushes into the match, getting himself badly injured. While Viktor is disqualified for hitting Adonis while he is down, allowing Adonis to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, he becomes extremely popular in Russia and wins a series of fights given top billing.

Viktor continues to taunt Adonis publicly, he is constantly pressured by his father to regain their honour. Rocky takes Adonis to a decrepit location in the California desert to retrain, describing it as a place where fighters are “reborn.” Adonis undergoes a rigorous and brutal training regimen with Rocky, focusing on fighting from the inside and training his body to repeatedly absorb the heavy impact he knows he’ll receive from Viktor in the ring.

Creed Training Underwater 

The rematch in Moscow is considerably more balanced as a more controlled and focused Adonis exchanges equal blows with Viktor and follows in the same steps of Rocky IV.

My Review…

Okay so Creed 2 is a big improvement to the first instalment giving us a story and as I see it a 2nd Chapter to the Rocky IV showing us the effects of the death of Apollo Creed on Adonis as well as Rocky.

And also you get to see the effect of the defeat of Ivan Drago on the Dragos back in Russia and how it changed their lives and how they became outcasts in Russia but you also get a Love story with Adonis and Bianca and how they’ve progressed in their own Journey throughout his career as a boxer and her career as a Singer.

The Fights are really well Choreographed and make the film more thrilling and exciting watching every punch thrown and connecting on the boxers which shows they’ve taken time and effort to make this great.


Also, Rocky’s scenes in the film are stronger and better in this film compared to the first one but also has more funny scenes with Adonis making it look and feel more Natural within the film and also bringing up Rocky’s Estranged Son was also a good storyline within the film showing Rocky still fighting his own Demons within the Film.

Also, I like that they brought Dolph Lundgren back into the film for his Drago performance and bringing a closure to the whole Apollo Creed Saga.


And lastly, the soundtrack was made by many artists but put together and mixed by Mike Will Made-It which gave me the feels to the Black Panther Soundtrack that was done By Kendrick Lamar which was really good and so was this soundtrack the songs fitted in every scene in the film and were catchy as hell.

Plus hearing the Rocky Theme within the Film made my the film so much better for me too.


So to conclude this was an Explosive Sequal to the first one and I enjoyed watching the story pan out with the explosive fight scenes and soundtrack I would recommend this film to anyone into Boxing and If you haven’t seen it yet what you doing go watch it!

4/5 Stars Great Film and a Great ending to my 2018 Movie Reviews and also looking forward to seeing Creed 3 whenever it’s being made.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

So have you seen the film? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

And Thanks for Reading!


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