Later Levels – Question of The Month – December 2018

Well hello, Warriors!

Long time no blogging! I know I’m sorry but hey I’m back for one last blog post before Christmas as I’ve managed to pull myself away from Fallout 76.

So here we are answering Later Level’s Question of the Month for December 2018 the last one of the year!

And this month the challenge has been set by Daniel from Home Button Gaming and the question this month is – What is your favourite holiday season gaming memory?

So for this question, I have two answers the 8-year-old Me and the 19-year-old Me

8 Year Old Me

Okay so back in 1997 I went through a phase (Well I still like the franchise) of loving James Bond and I was obsessed with everything that was James Bond in my eyes he was cool and the gadgets were amazing. I got my Nintendo 64 for my birthday in November but it didn’t include the game I was hoping to get which was Goldeneye instead I got Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing which I and my sister were obsessed with playing.

Coming to December it was Christmas time and all I wanted was Goldeneye and I remember going round all the shops with her looking for this game and for it to be sold out in every shop I found which put a downer on things.

Christmas Day I opened all my presents which at the time were all very good but still no Goldeneye so after dinner and a few games of Monopoly I went back to my N64 upstairs and there was a little Parcel sitting on top of the console saying To Rob From Gran and Grandad so I ripped it open rushing only to find Goldeneye all new and sealed I ran downstairs in excitement and before they left I gave them a big hug and said thank you for about 100 times.

To be fair I need to dig out the game and display It with all my other gaming merch!


19 Year Old Me

Okay so not sure when I got a PlayStation 3 I think I got one when I was 18 but back to the story I was in college and working Part-Time and I wanted to get the new Batman game which was Batman Arkham Asylum but wasn’t sure whether to spend my hard earned cash on the game (These days I just buy games and go yeah £100 no problem) but I remember talking to my Gran and Grandad about the game in a weird way they were the ones that got me on to gaming so it’s their fault I’m such a nerd anyway.

Here comes the sob story, unfortunately, My Grandad passed away in December which made that year unsettling and depressing but on Christmas Day we were all sitting around the Living Room trying to cheer ourselves up when My Gran came in with a big bag of presents and we all agreed we wouldn’t celebrate Christmas that year as it was so close to Christmas with the passing but then my Gran said these are off both of us so we all tucked in our presents and the first one I opened was the new Batman game and once again I felt like that 8-Year-old kid again and was filled with joy.

Anyway enough with the Sob Stories.


Christmas is a fun and loving time and even with Gaming you can have a lot of memories and fun with loved ones and friends so just remember to let the ones you love know you do at Christmas Time!

Anyway Thanks for reading people and once again thanks for Later Levels for hosting the Question of the Month and Daniel at Home Button Gaming for this month’s question!

And this is Bandicoot Warrior logging off until After Christmas so I hope everyone has a wonderful time and overloads on gaming!


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