City and Colour – Little Hell Review

Dallas Green? Mellow Guitar Playing? That’s right Warriors I’m going back to 2011 for my take and views on City and Colour’s Little Hell.

So what are City and Colour? well for those who don’t know it is a different side to Dallas Green as most of you would know him for the Post-Harcore band Alexisonfire, however, a few songs here and their Dallas put out his own songs that did not suit Alexisonfire but also something different and unusual.

So this album was released in 2011 in June and is 48 Minutes long and was recorded in Dallas’s Country of Canada.

So from listening to the album what can you hear?

Well from listening to this album I can hear beautiful melodies and guitar playing which I can appreciate which me playing the guitar as well (Very Badly might I add) but I can appreciate the sound of the music and we have a few nice Acoustic numbers on this album (We Found Each Other In The Dark, The Grand Optimist, Little Hell, Silver and Gold) to a few tracks that are a little heavier but fit the bill (Fragile Bird, Sorrowing Bird) Making the album more diverse but more interesting.

dallas green

Also with the Lyrics, it feels like Dallas is trying to find your Happy place as well as making you reminisce on the Painful times as well with subjects as Romance and Relationships to Home issues and Nightmares, Covering a lot of subjects within his album and not only one.

For me the Sound is good and the Lyrics are meaningful I will admit I think the Chorus’s to some of the songs are a little blend and sound similar but as a whole album I enjoyed listening to this and I’ve even bought the album on CD for the Car Journeys


Songs Worth Listening To??

The Songs I would recommend would be:

  • We Found Each Other In The Dark
  • The Grand Optimist
  • Fragile Bird
  • O’Sister
  • Sorrowing Man

Out Of Five?

I’m giving this Album a 3/5 It’s a nice album and at the moment I’m stuck on listening to City and Colour and maybe it will pass after I’ve listened to the album a few times but with this being his 3rd album the ones he was done recently are a little more upbeat and I have listened to them a whole lot more.

But worth a listen if you haven’t heard of City and Colour before or have only heard a few songs.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well, Thanks for Reading! Let me know what you think in the Comments Below!

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