Tennis World Tour Review!

A Tennis Game!? That’s right people Today I’m going to be reviewing Tennis World Tour.

Hours Played – 5 Hours

Console – PlayStation 4

Price – £15.99 Agros – (Cheapest) £23.99 – Amazon

Okay so I bought this in the sale on the PlayStation with some vouchers I got for Crimbo (It was either that or Atoms) and I thought why not give this a go as I remember the last Tennis game I played which was Smash Court Tennis on the PS2!

Anywho I like tennis games and how they play so let’s get into this review.


So the gameplay for this game is very nice and smooth no problems with this game so far and I’ve enjoyed playing this game the game modes as nice and simple Exhibition, Online and Carrer mode there’s no difficulty in starting the game up and you could just turn it on to past time if needs be.

Also, there are 3 difficulties to choose from which is easy to medium and hard if you choose easy you don’t play sets you play first to ten on each game medium plays by games and sets and hard is the same as medium just more realistic.

The players and Courts available on the game are realistic as they can be and look superb and sometimes feels like an actual tennis game.



The control system for the game is fairly easy as well and is basically set up like old tennis games back in the day, for example, X is normal Triangle is a Lob shot R2 is a sprint so in that sense it was nice to pick up the controller and just play no tutorial needed (However there is one available if needed)

The only downfalls to this side of the game are that the controls and feel a little bulky at times as there have been times where the opponent has served and I’ve missed the Volley due to pressing X and then R2 at the same time so it cancels the shot out. This can be annoying especially when you’re winning the game only by a point or so.

Career Mode

Career Mode is fun you create your tennis player and work through the ranks to become number one in the world I’m currently 94 and have only won about 5 games showing it can be a long game but you level up your character you can also gain a coach and agent to help you win more money and matches as well as getting new clothing and rackets.

You also unlock skills which can be assigned to your player which can help out during a match to give you the upper hand against the opponent.

The game has been thought out and it just feels like I’m playing Virtual Tennis again which is a good thing and I feel Career mode really sells this game.

Tennis World Tour_20180528103042


I’ve only tried online once and it was okay it just felt like a normal Exhibition game with a few Lag spikes in the game but nothing too bad though.

My Thoughts?

I think this game is pretty good and it’s something different to the usual Battle Royale games or Call of Duty or GTA it’s something you can pick up and just play which is something I always like to do in my spare time plus It felt fresher to me playing this as all I’ve been playing recently is Fallout 76 so to give that a break and play this was fun.

I’m going to give this a 3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well, thanks for reading Warriors! Let me know what you think in the Comments Below! and more gaming reviews will be coming soon!!


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