Real Neat Blogger Award – The Answers to Questions at Hand

Hello Warriors!

And today I’m going to be answering the questions that have been set by Hailey at A Girl’s Gotta Game for the Neat Blogger’s Award I was Nominated for in December


So I would like to say a Massive Thank You to A Girl’s Gotta Game for the Award and all of us at Bandicoot Warrior feel blessed and loved plus you made the ending of our years end with a bang!

So Let’s Begin with the Questions!

So Hailey set a Scenario which was:

You awake in a strange house, surrounded by things that seem familiar, yet new in their own way. Your head hurts and you can’t remember who you are or anything about your past, but the memories soon begin to flood back and you begin to be able to piece together qualities about yourself and your life by looking at the objects around you.

Question One – Answered by Emily

Question – After getting out of the bed you just woke up in, you begin looking around the room and notice a framed family portrait on the mantle. You glance in a mirror on the wall and back at the family portrait. The person in the middle of the photograph is clearly you, but the people on either side of you look familiar, but you can’t remember much about them and who they are. You assume that they must be your parents and you suddenly remember them from a game.  Who are your gaming character parents?

Answer – Well this is the hardest question out of the lot! But I would have to say James and Catherine from Fallout 3


Question Two – Answered by James

Question -After figuring out and remembering a bit about who your parents are, you hear a loud growl from your stomach. You are starving! After a quick trip to the kitchen, you open the fridge and your eyes widen at the assortment of foods on the shelves before you! Everything looks delicious, but you notice your favourite video game food and it just looks too tempting not to eat first! Which video game food do you choose to eat first and what makes it such a delicious treat?

Answer – It would be the Mushroom from the Mario Games as it makes you Strong, Big and Invincible and it’s what we need if we are struggling to remember where we are.

Question Three – Answered by Tom

Question – Now that your stomach is satisfied, you realize that you are so thirsty! You head back to the fridge and peer inside once again. You spot your favourite video game drink on the shelf, ice cold and looking delicious! You grab one, pop it open, and take a big drink. Which video game drink did you choose to satisfy your thirst?

Answer – Well this is easy as I would choose Nuka Cola because I know it’s Toxic but damn is it refreshing on a Radiated day.


Question Four – Answered By Rob 

Question – Now that your thirst has been quenched, you decide to look around the house a bit more and see what you can remember about yourself and the world around you.  As you step into the hallway, you hear a loud CRASH and many other terrifying noises. Fearing for your safety, you step into the nearest room and close the door quietly. As you turn and place your back against the closed door, you glance up and see a terrifying creature standing before you. You immediately recognize the monster from a video game and begin trying to remember it’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities to help you survive! Which creature and from which game stands before you?

Answer – Well this question is an easy one for me the creature standing in front of me is a Deathclaw from the Fallout Series and its weakness is having a Mini Nuke in the Face!

These things still to this day scare me a little as I think how many stimpaks do I have or am I going to die quickly.


Question Five – Answered By Rob 

Question – The creature growls and positions itself to attack! You glance to your right and see a formidable weapon. You recognize it immediately from a game and quickly grab it before attacking the monster and ultimately winning the battle. Which weapon did you see and what makes it your main choice?

Answer – With it being a Deathclaw and with it attacking I would say a Fat Man but I don’t want it becoming a Fallout Post so my next answer would be those sexy revolvers that Ocelot uses in the Metal Gear Franchise I bet they’ve got some DPS behind them plus a few bullets to the Deathclaw’s head and a few Stimpaks I’ll win.


Question Six – Answered By James

Question – After cleaning yourself up from the battle with the creature, you decide that it’s time to get out of this house and to find someplace safer! You find the door to the garage and upon opening the door, you find a variety of vehicles, mounts, and transports, all of which are vaguely familiar. You only have time to choose one, so choose wisely! Which video game method of transport do you choose and what makes it the most reliable for ensuring a safe getaway?

Answer – It’s got to be a Warthog as it’s an all-terrain vehicle and can go anywhere plus it has a mounted machine turret on the back of the vehicle to blast away anyone flowing us.


Last Question Answered by Rob 

Question – As you speed away from the house on your chosen method of transport, you notice the scenery around you is also familiar and you spot a familiar person. You are unsure if this person is a friend or a foe, but currently, you can’t worry about that. You need help! Which video game character do you see first and what makes them a friend or a foe on your journey to the unknown?

Answer – This is a tough one I’m going to go completely off the rails with this one and say Tom Nook from Animal Crossing and is he a friend or Foe? well, I think he’s 50/50 depends if he’s going to give me a house and make me pay 1,000,000 Bells for it.

You’ve completed your adventure and arrive safely in a new world! 

Oh god were Living in Animal Crossing’s world with Deathclaw’s welding Revolvers driving Warthogs eating mushroom’s and drinking Nuka Cola! what have I done!

Okay so that wraps up our Questions for today and We would like to say once again a big thank you to Hailey at A Dame’s Gotta Game for the lovely questions and blogger award it means a lot to us but also shows that our work is being read by people and hopefully fans.

Now comes the tricky bit I have to Nominate 5 Bloggers to do the same Questions so here are our choices and the people we choose we feel need showing some love but also we read their work and love what they do.

Nominee One – Later Levels! 

dwswnyzuyaat3jo (1)

When it comes to these kinds of things I always Nominated Kim at Later Levels because whenever I write a post for QOTM or just in general on Gaming Later Levels always gives me it a like or comment and shows support so head’s up you’ve got another post to do.

Nominee Two – A Geek Girl’s Guide 

a geek girls guide

Michelle is a new blogger I’ve been following and reading recently so it would be rude not to include her within the Nominees.

Nominee Three – The Purple Prose Mage 


Back in September 2018 Alex A.K.A The Purple Prose Mage Nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award well now it’s time to return the favour by nominating him for a Neat Blogger Award!

Nominee Four – That Green Dude 

That Green Dude.png

Brandon has been a blogger I’ve followed a while plus he loves Resident Evil as much as I do so I’ve got to give him a cheeky Nomination.

Nominee Five – The Gamer’s Journey


Well, I like the Mystery to the name “M” Makes me think of James Bond but I’ve only just started reading this blog and I think It’s worthy of a Nomination.

These are my 5 Nominations for the Neat Blogger Award and I’m going to be cheeky and not give you any new questions and copy A Dame’s Gotta Game Scenario and questions.

Thanks for reading Warriors! New Posts will be coming soon!!

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