The Grand Tour


The Grand Tour game which has been developed and published by Amazon games. This is the first console game by Amazon and having played it they seem to know what it is to make games fun.

The game has 2 elements to its single player and multiplayer. The multiplayer side is split screen only as there is no online compatibility.

The single player is based on the 3 series of the show and you start off on the season 1 episode 1 in the Mustang that Clarkson drives from the Airport.

In the game, you take control of all the driving bits of the game and recreate the moments from the show. This is something that I like as they have kept to the true nature of what The Grand Tour is about. You take control of all three presenters and you can choose which presenter you want to be depending on the scenario.

The hud of the game has different elements and on the top is a medal system. If you can achieve the gold then the trophies keep on coming through, but you may be mistaken to think this is an easy game, well having played it for 20 minutes I have had to restart some challenges 2 or 3 times to achieve the gold. It is a challenging game. Other than the medal system the hud is pretty similar to other racing games.

Controls on the game are easy and simple. You have the standard racing set up on the triggers or on the ps r2 and l2 to control the accelerator and braking. The left thumbstick controls the steering, square or x controls the drift action. Where x or a controls perks such as extra boost or smoke screen etc.

The multiplayer lets you choose the car you want, the track etc and you can have up to 4 players playing, so it’s more of party thing when you have friends over who like racing. The downfall is that there isn’t any online, but that’s not a bad thing as it keeps the price of the game down as they don’t have to maintain servers.

The handling is like the typical arcade racer but with a hint of realism and bit like Need For Speed. Graphics of the game have a real depth of colour and really show off the tracks, cars and the environment. Although they can be a bit grainy at times but that will probably get solved in an update down the line.

So the overall experience of the game is good and I would actually recommend purchasing the game some great fun driving. The game is available to purchase on the psn store or on the Xbox live marketplace. You can also get a copy on amazon directly. The price of the game is £11.99. You can’t complain at the price and for what you get its a lot of game.

4/5 Well Done Amazon!!!!

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