TBT – LA Guns Self Titled

1988? That’s Right I’m going back to the ’80s for a little TBT post and reviewing one of the iconic Glam Metal/Rock bands of the time and went up against the likes of Guns N Roses, Cinderella, Ratt and more but this album stands out as the one of the founder’s of the 80’s era Glam.

Released in January in 1988 two years before I was Born! this album gave us 10 tracks of pure aggression and pace giving you the need for speed and putting your foot all the way down on the pedal or as Nigel Tufnel said “But this one goes to Eleven” This is how this album made me feel when I first listened to it when I was about 12-13 (2003 – I know quite late to the party 15 years too late!)


Peaking at Number 50 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and reaching Gold status by the RIAA giving this a debut album the status the band needed to get on the scene with the big boys like Guns N Roses, but if I told you the lead guitarist was in Guns N Roses you would be surprised well he was Tracii was in Hollywood Rose which became Guns N Roses but after a few months left after an argument with the frontman saying “It wasn’t fun anymore”

With releasing 3 singles from the album for promotion as well as 4 music videos LA Guns became popular within the Rock/Glam era but were always shadowed by the big boys in the industry which one of them is Guns N Roses and people question if Tracii made the right choice in leaving in my eyes and Opinion he did  as we’ve had some classics over the years which we wouldn’t have heard with Guns I think.

Back to this album though there are some great tracks to listen to name a few there are:

No Mercy – This fast-paced song hits you hard as soon as the intro kicks in and has everything you want within a rock song, Fast drums, High Pitch Vocals and that Whammy Piecing Guitar Solo.

Electric Gypsy – Catchy beat and chorus with the hard-hitting guitar breakdown before the solo give this song the edge.

Cry No More – The softer side of LA Guns within this instrumental with its mellow Guitar playing and synth background lets you calm down before the next Ballard to hit your brain.

One Way Ticket – And here’s that Ballard softer than the usual hard-hitting pace and aggression you’re going to get makes you want to get a drink and drown the sorrows you all your problems.

Shoot For Thrills – This is by far my Favourite track on the album and gives you a power song you want to listen to in your car and drive fast or as it was recently featured in Netflix’s The Punisher series you could shoot up a drug house for money. With its chunky riff and strong vocals leading you to the Solo makes this a great all-rounder.


Out of Five?

Out of five, I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars it’s an album I listen to a-lot still to this day and one I always try to rock out to in my car when I’m on my own who needs power Ballards when you have LA Guns.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Thanks for reading Warriors! Let me know what your Favourite album or an album that you listen to a lot is from the 80’s era.

Check back for new posts coming soon!

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