TBT – Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra

Texting at the Table? Let’s Rock Elmo? Rango? Watch The Throne? that’s right all these things were trending in 2011 but let’s not forget about Frank Ocean’s First release which was his Mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra.

Back in February 2011, Frank Ocean released his Mixtape and it was that acclaimed he got a spot on Kayne West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne performing on not one but two tracks but in 2011 who was Frank Ocean?



Back in 2009, Frank Ocean joined a Supergroup of Musicians called Odd Future which at the time featured upcoming artists which have become a household name, for example, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet and Mellow High and that’s not including Frank Ocean, Ocean made some appearances some tracks for Odd Futures Mixtapes and Albums as well as featuring on some of the Odd Futures solo career discography.

After his mixtape caught people’s attention for the right and wrong reasons Ocean decided to keep the mixtape for free with only officially releasing two songs off the mixtape which were Swim Good and Novocaine after receiving good reviews he signed with Def Jam Records and released his first Album in 2012 called Channel Orange which was received very well and has some of Ocean’s Greatest work on the album.

Fast forward to 2016 where Ocean releases his second album after a 4-year absent called Blonde making this his strongest release to date and even being mentioned in top 50 Albums of 2016 and winning top 10 Best Albums in Time Magazine,

Now doing this own Radio station on Apple Music called Blonded Radio we can safely say Frank Ocean has become a household name to many of people around the world.

But what about the Mixtape?

The Mixtape is where it all began and what a mixtape it is as it has so many good tracks on and even has his own rendition of Strawberry Swing that was originally by Coldplay and a whole master track of The Eagles Hotel Califonia on the album which originally got him in trouble for using but the amount of samples used in this Mixtape makes every song great to name a few of the top of my head:

Strawberry Swing – A completely different version of the song giving it a different feel but also making it Ocean’s own song.

Novacane – The 1st Single Officially released by Def Jam along with a video to top it off with the use of Novacane and the effects of the Drug, the song flows well and is a great song to sing you with its catchy Chorus.

Swim Good – The 2nd Single released along with a video and my favourite song on the Mixtape it just feels like Frank is singing to you personally it sounds so relaxing and chilled and has a mellow beat along with piano playing and Tyler, The Creator throwing some additional background vocals.

Nature Feels – Containing the entire song of Electric Feel by MGMT with Ocean’s lyrics and singing over it once again gives the song it’s own feel and make’s it his own song but the lyrics are full of double meanings which I’ll let you listen to and figure out.

Out of Five?

This Mixtape is great and it always resurfaces around the Summertime for me driving in my car forgetting about everything going on around me and just drowning out the common problems we all have listening to this Mixtape and not many Artists/Albums do that for me I usually get bored listening to music after a few listens but this I can turn on in my headphones and listen away.

For me, it’s a 4/5 Stars and a well deserved 4 as well.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What do you think to this Mixtape is Frank Ocean your thing? Let me know in the Comments below

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