Getting a Platinum And How It Feels

Warriors! Today I’m going to discuss 100% Completion of a game and how I felt after getting the Trophy/Achievement.

So I’ve been gaming for many many years and I’ve never got 100% Complete on a game, Don’t get me wrong I’ve finished games and completed their stories and missions but never completed the game fully and sometimes it’s frustrating when going back through your gaming library and seeing how close you are to getting it or how much work is needed to be done.

But why do we Trophy hunt? I believe we do it to impress people who look at your profile or to impress your friends and family as if their talking about a game you’ve played after they finish talking you could be like “Completed it Mate!”


So for the first time in my life I’ve finally finished a game fully and If you’ve been following my Twitter or Instagram when you’ll know what game but if not it was Fallout 4 as I’m obsessed with the Fallout games (Not So much 76 though) and it took me a while to get it I finished the story for the third time in June 2018 and I only got the Platinum this month! Took me a further 9 months to get the damn thing.

Anyway, after getting the Platinum I was so Excited to share it to the world and tell everyone I got it but after that what do I do then? I felt lost and not sure what to do besides eject the game and play something else.

Not sure how everyone else feels but I feel getting 100% on games these days are more than what they’re worth I remember playing games back in the day where there were no trophies or achievements and you played it to play the game not to get the trophy.

After hunting this one I feel like sometimes you have to let the game defeat you and move on to the game and enjoy playing as this game got tedious and annoying especially with the last Trophy I needed. (Benevolent Leader for any Fallout fans)

What do you think about 100% a game? Is it worth the hassle to get the Platinum? Let me know in the Comments below!


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6 thoughts on “Getting a Platinum And How It Feels

  1. I rarely 100% games, and those that I do are because I enjoy them. Mass Effect and Spider-Man (2018) are two great examples of games I was willing to play to see and do everything.

    I actually dislike achievements etc. I feel they push me to play a game in a way I might not want to. On occasion, they’re creative and reveal things you may not have thought of, but they tend to appear rarely.

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