Your Pokemon Party (1st Gen)

Gotta Catch Them All! Today it’s Saturday and time for a quick post on Pokemon and my 6 Pokemon in I would use against the Elites!

So let’s get straight into it.

Pokemon 1 – Charizard – Starter Pokemon

That’s right Warriors I always went with Charmander as my starter Pokemon on Red, Blue well Yellow I had no choice but hey that’s different.

A Fire and Flying Pokemon was great giving me the advantage of learning HM-02 so they could Fly as well as burn the only problem was there weakness was Rock, Water and Electric so was only effective against Grass, Psychic and fighting Pokemon but they were still a Tank against the weaknesses as well.

Pokemon 2 – Machamp

This beast of a Pokemon was great for a Fighting Pokemon his attack stats were higher than normal as well as his defence plus he could learn Seismic Toss which was a quality move the only problem was his weakness was Psychic and became unusable against one of the final bosses.

Pokemon 3 – Pikachu

And yes I was one of those people that stopped Pikachu from Evolving but Pikachu was good and an all-rounder he was Electric and Ground and only became weak against rock and ground type moves but his quick attack if you got his Speed increased always made the opponent flinch.

Pokemon 4 – Blastoise

You can’t have a Pokemon Party without there being a Water Pokemon and without Blastoise, this Pokemon was a beast and a tank just like Charizard and only being weak to Electric and Grass came in handy against all the Fighting Pokemon as his defence was higher than most Pokemon.

Pokemon 5 – Scyther or Venusaur

These were the two I would have in my party whichever I could catch first it was mainly Scyther as Bulbasaur was a tough one to find but his speed and attack was higher than most of the grass type you could catch at the time plus he could learn HM-01 Cut which helped cut down trees and his only weakness being Rock made it a clear choice to have this one in my team.

Pokemon 6 – Alakazam

This Psychic Pokemon ended my 6 for the Party as they were pretty good and the Special attack on his Pokemon was higher than any of the other 5 in my Party and only being weak against Bug and Ghost Pokemon it had to be a definitely in my Party.

Who were your 6 Pokemon? Let me know in the comments Below!

Most posts coming soon!!

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