Far Cry New Dawn Review

Hello, My Warriors!

Today I’m going to be discussing and reviewing Far Cry New Dawn!

Hours Played – 8 Hours

Platform – Playstation 4

The price I Paid – £38.00

Okay so let’s begin!


Okay, so the story to this game is pretty simple and goes along with the other Fry Cry games some crazies take over and you have to liberate the island and take back control. The story is okay not boring and not to complicated.



The environment is as always with these games beautiful to look at and driving in different cars and bikes through the forest and dirt makes it feel great, plus their’s a Photo mode to take some great shots which I will be doing soon.

BW Enviroment


The wild animals on this game are great too you can hunt them down for their skins to trade in for loot and crafting items or you can leave them to run in the wilderness but so far I’ve encountered quite a few Wild ones on this game and some have even killed me.



Crafting on this game is good there are three different tiers that you can upgrade at your Homebase to craft different weapons, Cars, Explosives and Healing the more you upgrade the better the items are but that takes work.



So to upgrade these crafting items you need to raid ethanol from the enemy and take over their bases, for me this seems to easy for now but I hope they get harder more into the game.


Side Quests

So in this game, there are side quests which involve you helping people out which can unlock Companions, Specialists and find Items and Treasure.


The best side quests are the Treasure Hunting quests are when you finally get to the treasure you get a lot and I mean a lot of loot to help you build items as well as something called Far Cry Coins which and be used to open Chests and unlock weapons this is Ubisoft’s way of introducing Microtransactions into Far Cry.

The Highway Men

So the Enemy on this game is called the Highway Men which is a gang of thugs that steal from other camps and people to get by and they come in different shape and sizes and different tier’s of difficulty so far I’ve not had any problems taking down these people but I’ve only played the game for 8 hours.



Okay so your Homebase is called Prosperity and you can upgrade the base once you have completed a certain amount of tasks so far mine is on Level 2 along with all the crafting upgrades. The base looks good and is big enough for everything that’s inside the base plus there’s a wall all around the base you can run along to stop the enemy getting close.



So the Specialists are people you go out to save or help to bring back to your base and they have a special set of skills to help improve your base and make it stronger against the enemy.



In the game you can have a companion to help you out in Hope Country these are great as they give you the upper hand and to get different companions means you have to do different missions to unlock them so far I have 2 which one of them is a DOG! Enough said.

BW Companions



And with this game, there is a joint Co-op mode where you can jump into a friends game and help them out with their story and missions the only flaw here for me is that it doesn’t progress your storyline so you could be doing the same mission twice.


(And no you can’t be the dog in Co-Op I just think he’s cool!)

Well, I’ve to think I’ve covered most of the game lets move on to the Overall Review.

Out of Five?…

So far this game is fun I’ve actually enjoyed playing it and it has got me back in to playing the Far Cry Franchise the only flaw to this game is I feel it is way to easy even on the Easy Difficulty but I feel this game is a good one and a nice way to start off 2019 with some good games.

Also, the microtransactions in the game are a little off-putting but unfortunately every game is going that way.

4/5 Stars! Well done Ubisoft!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

So what do you think of Hope Country? Is this game to easy for you? Let me know in the Comments Below!

Thanks for reading and more posts coming soon!

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