Fallout 76 – Their First Major Update?

Hello Warriors and today I’m going to discuss Bethesda’s first major update to Fallout 76.

Well It’s about time Bethesda fix this game as if you’re a fan of Bandicoot Warrior then you’ll know that Fallout is my Favourite franchise and at the moment I’ve been playing other games to get over the doom and gloom of 76.

But after reading this tweet from the Fallout page it got me a little excited.

I just hope it can bring back the people that have ditched the game and make some new people play the wasteland.

But let’s go through the major update!

So beginning on March 12 we have hopefully a new quest line or event including a Mythical beast, a lost generation of scouts and strongest brew in the wasteland so from reading that new drinks and maybe a questline involving how to get them.

The Scouts seem like another Quest/Event line which should be fun hopefully find out what happened to them or if there are any survivors.

And a Mythical Beast could it be another Myth like Mothman lets hope as finding mothman was amazing!

So on March 12th looks like we are getting the secrets of the strongest brew and being able to brew it in our CAMP, so hopefully it will have some perks to the drink when drinking it.

March 19th were getting a new Event to play with and from reading about it sounds like its going to be at a funfair or be another parade where you have to kill the Grafton Monster, either way this is a Limited-time event so I’ll be jumping on this straight away.

March 26th brings us the PVP that should of been available in the game from the start but hey I’m not complaining this will balance out the servers from the people who just want to fight players and people who just want to explore which will make the game and the experience better.

You can never beat new quests and on April 9th that’s what we are getting more monsters and myths to explore, conquer and slove can’t wait for this update should be fun plus will keep me on the game longer.

April 9th we get to build vending machines now this could be big, we could become shops to other people selling items if so that will be awesome as trying to sell legendary gear to the robot vendors is pretty rubbish at the moment then again selling anything to them is rubbish your pip-boy says the value of this gun is 200 caps only get 15 caps for it…no thanks.

And April 16th gets better as well a new camera to play with not sure what’s going to be new with this one as I thought the camera tool on 76 wasn’t bad but we will see what happens with this one.

May 23rd brings us a legendary vendor which hopefully will have a decent amount of gear to supply and I feel this should of been in the game from the start but Bethesda your learning and still nothing on NPC’s so far but its a slow working progress.

And lastly May 7th gives us more new quests to play with but also a backpack system! Does this mean we get to carry more items and look cool in the wasteland I hope so also Legendary Scouts to kill may get interesting especially with the scout quests we will be given on March 12th?

I’m glad Bethesda is doing this updates and most of all for FREE It’s a shame that 76 had a rough start but hopefully, in the end, it will come off well.

However, there is one thing I would do within these updates which they haven’t mentioned which is the level cap they need to increase it from level 50 to 75 or 100 as getting to level 50 was easy and now when you level up you just choose perk cards which is boring.

But what do you think? Are Bethesda doing the right thing? Have they left it too late? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading Warriors more posts coming soon!

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