Gaming Soundtracks That Made An Impact

Hello Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing Gaming Soundtracks!

So I’m going to be discussing Soundtracks and Scores that are in games and what Impact they have had in gaming in my view. And I will be starting from the oldest to the newest and there will also be some notable mentions at the end as there are so many to choose from!

So let’s begin!

Tetis (1984)


That’s right that one 8-Bit music that is always on a loop through the continuation of the game well believe it or not it wasn’t originally created for the game, it was initially created as a poem by Nikolay Nekrasov in 1861 and this theme to this day is the most known song from any game everyone knows this even my Gran knew this!

Plus the number of remixes it has had and features within different games by Nintendo will make sure you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Street Fighter 2 (1993)


Next on the list is 1993’s Street Fighter 2 This game won the best fighting game at the time and also was chosen for VGM (Video Game Music) as the best that year and I can see why you can feel the music getting you pumped as you try and take on M. Bison (Damn He annoyed me) but also the music wasn’t too in your face, well besides Guile’s Theme which still to this day when I have to go Boss Mode on something that always comes to mind.

Pokemon Red and Blue (1996)


3 Years after Street Fighter 2 came out Game Freak released Pokemon Red and Blue which took the world by storm everyone was playing these games and everyone was also listening to the Ironic gaming soundtrack that was produced by Junichi Masuda in his own home that  intro theme, the battling theme and the long adventures walking around finding the Pokemon you want before your Batteries die made the game more playable and fun.

This game sold 14 Million Copies by 1998 and in 2009 became referred too as the Bestselling RGP on the Gameboy as well as the Bestselling RPG of all time.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater (1999)


In 99 this is where I first experienced actual songs as the soundtrack (Well there was Road Rash as well) but none of the less this game was an awesome game and what more could you want than to collect all the words to “skate” and get the high score on the level while listening to Dead Kennedys, Goldfinger and Primus.

And even thinking about this game also gets me thinking about the sequels that happened as well as the best one in the Franchise Tony Hawk’s Underground.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (2002)


A list isn’t a list without a Rockstar Game Right? and It’s got to be this classic this gaming soundtrack fitted everyone’s taste in music Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Disco and even Talk Radio! This game had 8,000 lines of recorded dialogue which were four times the amount in Grand Theft Auto III and contains over 90 minutes of cutscenes and nine hours of music with more than 113 songs and commercials. That tells me Rockstar did their Homework and research to make this soundtrack one of the greats. 

Plus the number of hours I wasted on this game listening to V-Rock got me into rock music now so Kudos to Rockstar for introducing me to that.

Fallout 3 (2008)


And you know reading a Bandicoot Blog Post it’s got to include a Bethesda favourite Fallout 3 not as many Radio stations as Vice City but in the Wasteland, you only really need to listen to Three Dog! but not only that having a musical score made by Inon Zur who’s written scores for over 50 games as well as doing Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 just shows the budget for the music within these games were not limited.

The Radio songs that were used in this game were Big bands from the 1940s that were still available after the fallout happened on record shall we say which include the classic Ink Spots “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire” which was also used in the reveal trailer.

The Intro still gives me the chills.


Well, it’s time for Notable Mentions!


  1. Diddy Kong Racing (1997)

  2. Metal Gear Solid (1998)

  3. Banjo-Kazooie (1998)

  4. Super Smash Bros Melee (2001)

  5. Legend of Zelda: The Windmaker (2002)

  6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  (2004)

  7. Need for Speed Underground 2 (2005)

  8.  Portal (2007)

  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

  10.  Fallout 4 (2015)

Is there any I missed? Let me know in the Comments Below!

Thanks for reading!

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