TBT – Fight Night Round 3

Get your Gloves on and get ready as for this week’s Throwback I’m going to 2006 to look at EA’s Fight Night Round 3.

I remember picking this up on PS3 second hand in “Gamestation” (that’s how long ago it was) and I was hooked on playing this for hours especially on Career mode.

And before I carry on I just want to say one thing, “Where’s Our Next-Gen Boxing Game?” it’s been too long since Fight Night Champion!

Anyway back to Fight Night Round 3.

Fight Night Round 3 features the usual improvements from the previous instalment such as better graphics and gameplay. As well as a big improvement on “Impact Punches” is one of the most drastic changes, along with ESPN Classic fights where you can relive classic matches that actually happened.

BW Title Screen

The Career mode on this game was amazing I loved that you made your own boxer and had to take on real boxers but you had to work your way up through the ranks to become the greatest. Also, the training in this game was to a tee and every little mini-game to train your boxer was fun and it shows where Fifa got it’s little training games from before you start a match.

BW Training

This game was simple and creative but also a lot of fun who doesn’t enjoy trying to knock down your opponent and becoming the champ! I remember spending hours and hours on this game when I got it every weekend I could play games I would have played this or GTA that’s where I was when I was 16.

BW Carrer Mode

Out of Five?

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars this game was great and I had lots of fun playing it I just hope that EA will make another Boxing game to enjoy like Fight Night Round 3.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What do you think of Fight Night? was it a knockout? Let me know in the comments

Thanks for reading more posts coming soon.

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