Anthem Game Review

Anthem, well this is a new game from EA and well its done by the same maker’s of Mass Effect. Alot of people where skeptical on this as Mass Effect Andromada was a huge failure.

I have played Anthem and I have to say its an average game. Its heavily story driven like Mass Effect and if I’m honest it feels exactly like Mass Effect.

This game was compared to Destiny on how it works but the thing with Destiny is that it is a much better game. The main reason is it isn’t complicated. Anthem takes too long to get things sorted and the tutorial lasts a very long time before you can start playing with mates.

The buttons are okay, however the menu and sub menu’s are too confusing. There is way too many options.

At this point you are wondering if there are any good points, Well yes there are. The first one being the graphics as it does look stunning especially in 4k as there is a lot of colour.

The other good points are that the game does play well despite having the restrictions of Mass Effect on movability. Having the Iron Man type suits is a good idea but not really as much customisation options as you would led to believe.

So, should you pick up the game well in my option no as I don’t believe the game is fully completed. Also I don’t think it will be a lasting game.

I would give this 2 out 5.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Anthem

Thanks for reading!

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