TBT -Banjo Kazooie (N64)

It’s 1998 and we’re seeing a Bear and his Bird taking on a Witch, that’s right Warriors this week I’m looking at Rare’s release of Banjo Kazooie.

So the year is 1998 and it’s a year after Rare’s successful release of Goldeneye on the N64 and we have a lazy bear and a sarcastic bird to take on the evil witch in an awesome adventure of the nine worlds available to take on different enemies and earn Jiggies and Golden Puzzle pieces.



In the Spiral Mountain, a foul-tempered witch named Gruntilda learns from her cauldron Dingpot that Tooty, a brown honey bear, is more beautiful than her. Jealous, Gruntilda creates a machine that can transfer a person’s beauty to another, which she intends to use with Tooty. She then abducts Tooty while her older brother, Banjo, is sleeping. In response to the kidnapping, Kazooie, a female red-crested Breegull, wakes him up and the two set out to rescue her.



So the gameplay on this game was single player only but the aim of the game was to solve puzzles and conquer enemies to collect enough Golden puzzle pieces to advance through to each of the nine worlds to then take on the evil witch Gruntilda. For the time of the game, the controls and camera work on the game was great and worked but not only that the environment of each world was different and creative and my Favourite world Freezeey Peak always made Me want snow in the real world.



Within this game, there are 8 Main Characters (6 you will come across) throughout the game that some will help you along the way and some that will try and stop you. All characters are weird in their own way which makes this game that little more interesting, from a shortsighted Mole to a Skull faced Shaman.


Out of Five?

So out of five, I’m giving this game 3/5 Stars!

I remember waking up early on Saturday and Sunday’s and turning the sound completely down on the TV so I could just play this game without waking anyone up, writing about this game made me completely forgot about this game and brought back all the memories.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

What do you think of Banjo? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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