TBT – The Dark Side of The Moon

Let’s take a trip back to 1973 where the Battle of the Sexes Tennis match took place, The Exorcist film was scaring everyone around the world a gallon of petrol was 35p and this amazing record came out that’s right I’m discussing Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon.

So Pink Floyd’s eighth studio album made them the massive success that they are today, they were iconic and known before this album but this album really set the standards selling over 24 million copies worldwide to date and receiving 15 times platinum in the United States and 14 Platinum in the United Kingdom.

DSOTM Record Sales
Source – (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_albums)

For me this album is amazing and I was so lucky to receive a 1st pressing on Vinyl of this album from my wife-to-be’s dad as a Birthday present one year and I would recommend this album to anyone for its weirdness and creativeness back in the 70’s made it stand out from other artists that were going at the time.

Also only releasing 2 singles to promote the album and what singles they were as well Money and Us and them/Time songs that stood out in the crowd if they wanted to.

Recorded at Abbey Road in two sessions only and was assigned, Alan Parsons as the main Engineer on the album it was bound to be successful.

The Album features so many creative sound effects during “Speak to Me”, and tape loops opening “Money”.  A piano chord, replayed backwards, serves to augment the build-up of effects, which are immediately followed by the opening of “Breathe”

Along with the conventional rock band instrumentation, Pink Floyd added prominent synthesizers to their sound the band experimented with an EMS VCS 3 on “Brain Damage” and “Any Colour You Like”, and a Synthi A on “Time” and “On the Run”



Notable Tracks

  • Breathe – How it continues playing from the intro track “Speak to Me” Into a mellow track which slows time down and makes you think deep thoughts.
  • Time – The number of clocks used to make the intro of this track makes it amazing.
  • Money – The Loop of the Cash register is the same as Time with the clocks but the Guitar solo blows you away on this one.
  • Brain Damage – The end of the album is coming soon and once again to get you in that mellow mood before it ends to pick you up at the last minute. Plus to have the Lyrics in the song “I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon” just makes this song more worthy.

46 Years on this album is still played everywhere and talked about through the different generations of people which in my eyes is an achievement in its self and this album is one I always listen to when I need to sit down in a Darkroom and listen to my thoughts.

4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What do you think of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? Let me know in the Comments Below

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