Riffs I learned first on Guitar

What’s up Warriors! and today in this Guitar Corner post I’m going to be discussing the first Riffs/Songs I learned on guitar all the way back in 2004 when I picked up my first guitar.

So let’s get straight into this post!

So in 2004 most of my friends were playing Musical instruments and I was listening to more Rock and Roll than ever and I wanted to join in and play music, I looked at playing drums to start off but I didn’t have time or Rhythm for it I was shown Bass but it wasn’t for me until I picked up a guitar and liked the look and sound of it as I strummed the strings.

So I saved up for a guitar and got a strat copy to begin learning on, I’m self-taught and never had lessons unless it was given to me by my friends at their houses or in school so I mainly read guitar tabs to learn the songs.

Anyway enough with the history!

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

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Released a year before I picked up the guitar everyone told me that it’s so easy to learn and will take you 2 minutes to figure it out and with the seven notes that are needed to play the intro and verse to this song it made the guitar look so easy to play. (Believe me, it’s not all easy) but this song made me love guitar more and more plus the amount of White Stripes songs you could look up and learn which are easier than other songs makes the band a perfect choice to start.

Nirvana – Come As You Are


I was told to learn this by a friend sitting in his bedroom playing his Yamaha Super Strat sitting there for about 2 hours trying to figure out the notes and string changes while he played World of Warcraft (We Were Geeks) and it annoyed me to the point I waited till I got to school the next day to print out the Tab from the internet to go home and figure it out sitting in my dining room playing it over and over after finally learning it.

The best thing about Nirvana was I learned Power Chords just to learn Smells Like Teen Spirit as well.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


I think this was the second thing I learnt to play on guitar along with James Bond Theme and Happy Birthday but with this little song, it was all on one string and was all around the same area on the fretboard making it easy to learn. After learning this song I don’t think I played it again in all honesty.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

After playing the guitar for about I think a month I was shown this on a tab and had to give it a go as through my High School years I listened to Metallica a lot until I was shown Pantera, but this song was mellow and relaxed to learn on guitar but also gave me a new technique to learn on guitar which was Finger Picking making me drop the Guitar Pick to one side and go bare with the fingers.

Oasis – Wonderwall


I wanted to learn Chords on a guitar as I was hopeless at them and still am to this day but someone told me to go home and look at Wonderwall by Oasis to learn chords but also shown me how to use a Capo as I didn’t try learning to play The Smiths till later on but Oasis was a great start for Chords even gave me a chance to play Wish You Were Here.

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love


Before I get into this one I don’t know how the BBC convinced Led Zepplin to let them use this song as the Top of The Tops Theme as it’s a masterpiece and I remember my parents watching TOTP at the weekend and hearing it from the other room and that’s before I started playing the guitar.

But this song showed me how to bend a string and play a note at the same time to make that sweet intro sound.

Well these are some of the first riffs I learned on guitar and there are so more I could mention but I would be here all day.

What were the first riffs you learned? let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!


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