TBT – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Back in 2002, Ubisoft was trialling a new Unreal Engine for their upcoming games one of the first ones to featured it was Splinter Cell, I’m going back 17 Years for this throwback.

So what is Splinter Cell?

So Splinter Cell is a stealth video game which was developed by Ubi Soft Montreal and was built on the Unreal Engine 2. It is the first game in the Splinter Cell series which endorsed by author Tom Clancy, it follows the activities of NSA black ops agent Sam Fisher.

But what I like about this game is that Ubisoft got the idea of the game along with Tom’s book to do a Metal Gear type of game so to be influenced by that already ticks my boxes.



In April 2004, the President of Georgia is assassinated, allowing Georgian billionaire Kombayn Nikoladze to seize power with a bloodless coup d’état. In August 2004, former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and Gulf War veteran Sam Fisher is recruited by the National Security Agency to work within its newly formed division, “Third Echelon”. Working with his old friend Irving Lambert, Fisher is introduced to technical expert Anna “Grim” Grimsdóttír, and field runner Vernon Wilkes Jr.

He is then sent out to find out what happened to two CIA operatives working in Georgia where the Plot Thickens.


The gameplay back in 2002 was great for its time the movement of your character was good the cameras moved smoothly when prompted and the aiming weapons weren’t bad making the new unreal engine a wise move to use on this game the difficulty of the game I remember was quite hard as you had to do Sealth and nothing else so if you made a mistake you had to start again or cover your tracks.

Which made this game more fun as well if you made a mistake as you could hide the bodies pick up stuff which would not alert over enemies or cause a shutdown.


Weapons and Gadgets

With this game, you had more access to Gadgets than weapons which was a first for me in gaming but this game had gadgets I’ve never even heard of until I played this game and the lockpicking on this game I could never master it but without it I wouldn’t be a crack shot at Fallout now if it wasn’t for this game teaching me patience.



The environments for this game were good and detailed for the time of the release it made the game more complex and confusing at looking at the map as well I remember the CIA’s office I had to break into I got lost on the corridors and kept running into agents I had to knock out.

maxresdefault (1)


Overall I enjoyed this game it made me look back at Metal Gear Solid 2 which was a year before this game and how Sealth games were becoming a big thing in the gaming community but also the series in itself was fun to play and it’s a shame that we haven’t seen one since 2013  but hopefully Ubisoft will listen to the hardcore fans and make a new one soon with it being rumoured in 2017.

I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars hopefully Ubisoft will make a return on this series soon.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

What do you think of Splinter Cell? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading!


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3 thoughts on “TBT – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

  1. To be honest, I’ve never played any of the Splinter Cell games. I find I’ve gravitated more toward the Metal Gear games (especially Metal Gear Solid 3). I may try them in the future because I’ve heard good things about them.

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