The Division 2 Review

So The Division 2 the second installment from the first game. How does it stack up compared to the first game.

Well let me tell you its set in Washington DC or the capital and its under siege by various gangs. The aim is as a Division Agent is to find out who has caused it and stop by any means necessary.

So story wise it’s about the same as the the first.

Gameplay has improved slightly but to be honest it’s still has clunky as the first game, but it has improved. The other thing is there is a lot more colour to the graphics and a lot more visual notices which is always a plus for gamers.

There is a lot of customisation to the game with various clothing and attachments to the weapons. Also, a good variety of weapons that you can pick up through out the game.

Now I know a lot of people be wondering if I play the game with mates does it default to the highest level player. The answer to that is yes that hasnt changed since the first game which is 1 huge bad point to the game. If you are a low level you will not be able to help anyone who is a higher level which will get frustrating.

Another bad point is that with the open world there are factions and gangs on every corner so you will always be in a gunfight. This will also get frustrating all the time. There is no breathing room for this.

To sum up slightly better from the first game but the developer has not learnt from the first when playing with other players.

I will give this 3 out 5

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