Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn – Review

Shaq and Kung Fu combined? That’s right Warriors today I’m going to be reviewing this game that I bought for under £5

Hours Played: One hour

Platform: Playstation 4 (Also available on Xbox)

Price: £4.99 (Easter Sale on

So I bought this in the Easter Sale as it was the cheapest game on their website but I also bought it for the Comical side as this game looks like it will be a cheap time-waster for you to play.

Released in 2018 and developed by Mad Dog Games and tries to take some ideas from the Original 1994 version of the game it looks like their trying to bring back side scrollers to the current generation of gaming.



As you can see from the game case it is a mass-produced game along with different languages on the back saving printing different sleeves for different countries but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, and this game only took 10 mins to install and is a total of 10GB on the hard drive.

Shaq Fu_ A Legend Reborn_20190419180916

The Menu for the game is nice and simple and is animated along with its own theme song sung by Shaq himself which is a nice touch.


Okay so the gameplay is nice and simple and has the same technique as most side scrollers but it’s just a beefed up version of them, controls are pretty easy as well only need a few buttons to play giving the user an easy ride.

Shaq Fu_ A Legend Reborn_20190419181348


The animation and cutscenes for this game are really well done and actually make this game that little more enjoyable with all the comical sides of the game as well as the crazy bosses.

Shaq Fu_ A Legend Reborn_20190419182057

Enemies and Weapons

The enemies on this game don’t seem that difficult to take down but there are so many different types of enemies and I’m only two levels into this game, plus you have to remember each way of taking them down quickly before more enemies show up to try and kill you.

Weapons are pretty cool as well they have a breaking point so it doesn’t give you an easy ride throughout the whole level but it’s nice that you can pick up the weapons of your opponents and use them against them. There is also a special for Shaq to use which is Shaq Diesel which turns you into a machine!

Shaq Fu_ A Legend Reborn_20190419182340

Boss Fights

From the two bosses, I’ve played there pretty easy and it’s basically a button mash to kill them but there is a funny dialogue between the bosses and Shaq as well as a Mini games within the bosses (Dance Off Bro!)

Would I recommend this Game?…

Shaq Fu_ A Legend Reborn_20190419185943

With this game, It’s a little bit of fun and it’s something different than the usual games that get released, plus if the budget is your thing then give this a go this game is not breaking the bank and you’ll get some fun out of it even if it’s only for an hour or so like I did.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, it’s different.

Will I play it again? Yeah, I think I will when I come to a loose end with nothing to do.

Out Of Five?

A quick little cheerful game that can past time and has a laugh with it plus if your a fan or the original Shaq Fu then this game is worth a try and is only going to cost you around £5-£10 depending on it being in the sale.

3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Give me a Comment on what you think about Shaq Fu!

Well, Thanks for Reading!


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