Guitars That Blew Me Away

What’s Up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing Guitar’s that blew me away! What I mean by this is Guitars I’ve seen people and musicians play and I’ve wanted them!

So Let’s Begin

B.C. Rich – Mocking Bird – Used By Slash


This wasn’t the first guitar I saw that I wanted to have but it’s always a rememberable one on my list, I remember seeing this on Kerrang for the first time also seeing Guns N Roses video for “You Could Be Mine” and I loved the colour and the shape of the guitar it was something different and looked badass. Plus it was better than seeing Slash always use a Les Paul and use something different.

Video Below

Ibanez – Iceman – Played by Paul Stanley and Sam Totman

This guitar I looked at for months and months seeing if I could get one but I never bit the bullet for it but I’m a big fan of KISS and seeing Paul Stanley playing this guitar made me want it more I think I was 17 when I grew an obsession with the guitar then I saw Dragonforce at Download Festival in 2015 where Sam Totman was playing one which kindled the fire for one again.

Not sure when I first saw the guitar but the “I Was Made For Loving You” video gives the guitar some Justice.

Dean Guitars – Dean From Hell – Played By Dimebag Darrell


This guitar has had a big impacted on my Music over the years as I was a big fan of Pantera when I got into playing the guitar and listening to Rock/Metal Music and I even came close to buying one of these guitars I went to a guitar shop where they had one and was going to buy one but after seeing the guitar and holding it, it felt too big and the price tag was more than I could afford.

I remember seeing this on Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates” music video first and that song also blew my mind!

Frankenstrat – Created and used by Eddie Van Halen


This guitar is the reason I’ve tried making my own guitar and I love Van Halen a lot this guitar too many people may look ugly but this guitar has something other guitars don’t have and that’s a creative edge and a personal touch plus the number of people that have tried to re-create this guitar themselves is crazy and to be fair I will probs try one day.

I remember seeing a version of this guitar EVH made in “Hot For Teacher” Music video.


There are other guitars makes and brands I could mention but I would be here forever talking about it, I could write another post on this at a later date.

What do you think of these guitars? let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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