Strange Love EP – Review

Blink 182 and All Time Low Colab? That’s right Warriors today I’m doing to be discussing the new EP by Simple Creatures.

Well this is different to the usual but Simple Creatures were announced in January by Mark Hoppus after he was discussing that he went into a depression from not writing music and being on the road with Blink 182, so he invited a few friends to the studio to write some new music which is where Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low).

At the end of January, the lead single came out called “Drug” which after listening to it you can see the influence of Blink in the song but has a different feel to it with a different vocalist.

They even released a music video for this and another track on the EP called Strange Love.

The Songs…

So there are 6 Songs on the EP all different to each other so let’s start at the top.

  1. Drug – This song has the relevance of the California album Blink did in this song which tells me that this is Mark’s writing that he’s wanted to do for a while and been unable to due to different writers or conflicts (Tom Delonge). But this song is quite catchy and a nice opener for the EP.
  2. Strange Love – My favourite song on the EP with some deep lyrics and strong vocals from Alex which gives this Chorus a mellow sound and the music they’ve created to go along with the Lyrics get stuck in your head but not as much as the Chorus.
  3. How to Live – Another Strong song sung by Alex showing the strength in the first verse of the song and then Mark taking over for the second verse and then both joining for the Chorus, a nice song and you can see the effort that has been put into this song.
  4. Adrenaline – I like this song but the music behind the vocals really reminds me of “Kill for Candy” which isn’t a bad thing but does kind of put a downer on the song feeling it been recycled but hey most artists do it these days still a good song to chill too.
  5. Ether – A slower song to the others with a mellow start to the song with Mark singing with his acoustic guitar Chorus and drum beat over it, not a bad song but not a song I would go out of my way to listen to.
  6. Lucy – First four seconds sound like it’s going into the Mortal Kombat theme which kept me listening, the song jumps straight into the vocals with a little effect on them as well as the music, a nice song and a good outro to the EP.


Also liking the Intro to the Video for Strange Love as if your a fan of Bandicoot Warrior you’ll know I’m obsessed with Fallout games and seeing this on the video got my attention.

Out Of Five?…

I’m liking this EP it’s something different and it’s nice to see Mark do something outside Blink 182 and gives me that +44 feel as well as Alex on this EP his vocals are strong and clean and do these songs some justice, hopefully, they will get the credit they deserve and more media attention to get the music out there, either way, I’m looking forward to the next EP which should be out at the end of 2019.

3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

 What do you think of this EP? Anything I missed out? Let me know in the Comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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