Have Fallout 76 Just Sold Out With Repair Kits?

Hello Warriors and today I’m going to discuss my view on Bethesda’s new Atomic Shop item which is a repair kit.

So Bethesda announced that a new item would be hitting the Atomic Shop in the new update which would be a Repair kit to fix your weapons and Armour instead of using the materials you’ve gathered.

But there is a catch and that being you can only use atoms to obtain them and if you don’t have enough Atoms then you will be using real money to get them.


Now don’t get me wrong you don’t have to buy or purchase them but from playing the game I can tell you they come in handy as the number of times I’ve come to repair an item and I needed screws or steel and I have to go back out in the Wasteland to gather the resources.

So in that sense, they will come in handy and another plus side is that you can still earn atoms within the game itself but the price of the atoms on the repair kits are a little high for me with the amount you can earn as you would have to play for around 1 to 3 hours to earn enough atoms for just one repair kit.

Plus I did an article a while ago on Microtransactions and how they are changing the gaming industry as we speak and I can understand why most gaming companies are doing this but I also think it’s just another quick cash grab off the customers and saves making new DLC or games in that sense.

For example, Rockstar released GTA V along with Microtransactions with GTA Online and no Single player DLC or DLC that you have to buy has been released for the game just online content. Whereas The Witcher 3 released DLC which was basically a whole new game for the customers.

I believe some gaming companies need to go back to their roots and not think about the money and think about the customers.

But going back to the matter in hand.


  • Can save time by having the Repair Kits
  • Can use Atoms you already have to buy these repair kits
  • Save your materials for building and crafting
  • Get back in the game with your favourite gun or armour straight away.
  • You don’t need to use them if you don’t want to.


  • Cost too much to buy in Atoms
  • You may have to use real money to be able to buy them
  • If you use real money you will spend a minimum of £7.99 on the Store.
  • This looks like it’s the beginning of Microtransactions on Fallout 76

I say this is the beginning because if the repair kits are successful they will add more items to the shop for people to buy which will make more money but the only thing I will say is that they aren’t pay to win transactions which is a good thing.

But hey at least we have a decent camera to mess around with now as well.


What do you think about these repair kits? Let’s Discuss?

Thanks for reading!

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