Fallout 76 – Player Vending!

What’s up Warriors! and today I’m going to be discussing Fallout 76’s latest update which is Player Vending!

So from reading Inside the Vault and Polygon’s Article on this new update that is coming out today as I speak, I thought I would discuss my views and thoughts on the idea.

 So today is where Fallout 76 get’s that little more interesting as recently it has been a tad bland just going the events to get good gear but furthermore, this makes the game worth farming more and that’s cause you get to sell your items to other players.


 That’s right you can sell all the weapons, armour, ammo and junk to other players this is exciting as Ammo cannot be sold to a Robot vender at the moment which is annoying I have like 4 Mini Nukes and about 30 Missles just sitting their waiting to be used by someone else and now they can as with this Vending option you can sell anything that’s in your stash to players and from what I read you put a price tag on these items.

I assume Bethesda have put a Cap limit and all items so people don’t put ridiculous prices out there but still this patch is evolving this game into something it should have been at the start.

So how do players know about your shop?

Well from reading inside the Vault they say:

“Of course, to run a successful business, you’ll need to advertise! When you build and power a Vending Machine, your C.A.M.P. location will appear to all players on the map as long as you aren’t currently Wanted”

So this tells you that players will know where your camp is and the vending machine to buy things a few pro’s and con’s to this but it’s a working start I’d say the Cons is easy and that’s griefing some players might come by your shop to destroy your Camp to stop you selling so people go to their shop so it could be shall we say “Wiping the Competiton out”

Another being if you don’t want other players knowing where you live on the game well that’s tough if you have a Vending machine but the solution to that would be not to have one.

Pro’s are making Caps for unwanted items, clearing space in your stash for new items, and you never know you might make friends along the way with Potential customers.


Another thing we should be excited about is Legendary Exchange Machines which is another way to get rid of unwanted items for something you want in return.

Once again another great addition to the patch and just shows if Bethesda put their mind to it they can make a great game, don’t know much about this but I’m looking forward to throwing a few items in there and seeing what I can get for them I know it’s a different currency to caps and can only be used with the Legendary Vendor that is coming soon as well.

 I think Patch nine for this game has and will make a big change to playing the game but will also feel more like an Online RPG more than ever.

But what do you think of Patch nine? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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