Badflower – OK I’M SICK Review

What’s Up Warriors and today I’m going to be reviewing Badflower’s debut release “Ok I’m Sick”

Okay so the band have been around since 2013 and have released a few EP’s over the years but after a few single releases and promotions online the band have finally released their album and from listening to it twice through I’ve got to say the album is pretty tight.

The album slots altogether, the music, vocals, timing and from listening to this album to can see that the band members have good chemistry within the writing of this album.

And I also got a Signed copy which in itself was pretty cool of them to be selling on their website.


Also along with that they also touch on some dark categories within the songs which I will go through as we go along each song but let’s start at the beginning.

  1. x ANA x – So this song is about the benzodiazepine, Xanax which is also the name of the song, It’s typically used to treat certain anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder because of its strong sedative effect. The song itself is a great song and is a great opener for the album as well as one of my favourites on the album. They even released a music video where you can see the lead singer, Josh Katz, experience moments of anxiety and self-doubt and calls the drug Ana as a reference to it being a person.
  2. The Jester – This song is pretty good and is a slower song than Xanax but touches on someone feeling like a jester, only made to perform in front of others, and possibly make a fool out of himself. Which can be seen as another personal song as many people do this day to day to get noticed as well as be heard.
  3. Ghost – This song is my all time Favourite on the album and this is the song I heard that got me to look up the band, this song is utilizing a catchy, yet slightly dark-sounding backing track it discusses self-harming and suicide which at the moment a lot of people are suffering from all around the world and for them to touch on this subject was pretty cool and an eye opener along with the Music Video they did (Video at bottom) and the song was written by frontman Josh Katz to deal with his own suicidal ideation during an episode of severe depression making this a personal song to him as well.
  4. We’re in Love – This song is pretty good and has some guitar effects, to begin with, and soft vocals and drumming compare to Xanax but I feel the song is a sexual experience between the singer and someone of the same gender. With that being said it’s a nice flowing song and is a good song to come after Ghost to bring the mood back up and not leave you in despair too much.
  5. Promise Me – This song is a homage to the pain and struggles that come along with growing up with a loved one. This song is very good and to me has a “1975” and “My Chemical Romance” vibe to this song but not to overshadow the song it’s a very technical song with the lyrics and music it flows very well.
  6. Daddy – Another dark subject with this song with it being about a girl who was sexually abused by her dad, and eventually kills him on his deathbed, this song is very dark but a good listen.
  7. 24 – This song is a nice and soft listen with some powerful lyrics and vocals for the song which is basically about them having hopes and dreams at 24 and they were happy at making the music and art they did now they’re on drugs, anxious, isolated, and generally have crashed.
  8. Heroin – This song is another Favourite of mine and has a very slow James Bond style to the beginning of the song (No? Just me then) but this song is very clever in wordplay as it uses heroin as a metaphor for a relationship which is highly addictive and its users often experience multiple relapses on the path to recovery which is basically breaking up and finding someone else to be the next Heroin.
  9. Die – This song is a personal song for the band I think as it covers something there all against which is what President Donald Trump is doing to the country, a heavy track from beginning to end talking about manipulation, arrogance, and his voters of blind support, this song is very bold and serves as a-rockin’ open letter to the President himself.
  10. Murder Games – I believe this song is about the slaughter of animals and criticizes the meat and dairy industry, the song is a good listen with power vocals shouting over the track with heavy guitars to back it up. It poses the question “how can we live with one another” when we continue to exploit and slaughter animals for our own desires.
  11. Girlfriend – This is another song that I’ve enjoyed listening to with the catchy music and vocals at the beginning the song itself deals with the concept of online dating, and how it can really affect the mind and it sounds as though the person in the situation is already fantasizing about being with this person that he hasn’t even met yet. But this can also be looked in another way as well which is a man who becomes infatuated with a girl through her social media accounts.
  12. Wide Eyes – Once again it becomes a dark subject for them to cover which is about the sexual abuse the Catholic Church committed, most notably by priests against young altar boys. The song itself is good and features a catchy drum beat with soft mellow guitar over the song with echoing vocals to go with it.
  13.  Cry – The last song on the album and the longest song on the album as well and a good song to end the album on as well which is about the crying and release of emotion and the body changing, unlike the rest of the songs this song is about crying but without using the word “Cry” Power Chorus and soft verses makes this song a good listen.

This album Vocally and Musically have a sharp Insight in making music the chemistry between them makes the music more appealing and makes you want more from these guys and I know I’ll be waiting for new music from them in the future.

Plus I love that the band aren’t scared at talking about dark subjects and put their point across to the world.

Out of Five?

I’ve really enjoyed this album so much so after listening to it on Apple Music I had to buy the CD for my collection and not a lot of bands or artists do that for me this album was enjoyable to listen to and with tracks like Xanax, Ghost, Heroin and Girlfriend it makes the album worthwhile.

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars!! 

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars


What did you think to Badflower’s debut album? Let me know in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading and Music Videos are below!

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