80’s Wrestling Mania Returns Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be reviewing a game I’ve been playing while I’ve been on Holiday and working Nights

80’s Wrestling Mania Returns!

What is it?

This game is a Match Booking Simulation where you book wrestlers to fight and earn money from doing so, it also features Promo Events, Pay Per Views, Mic Spots and Bonus Segments to choose from.


The game itself is quite technical and crafted very well as you have different wrestlers for different era’s, match types, and different types of wrestlers. Plus you choose where they fight with 17 venues to choose from and what merchandise you sell to your fans which is basically every merchandise available for every wrestler going.


So the wrestlers are named completely different to WWE, WCW, ECW franchises due to copyrighting but in some of the wrestlers on the game, you can see who they represent or look like. And there’s even a quiz someone has done listing all the wrestlers (Link)

But in the game, there are 220 Male wrestlers and 30 Female wrestles to choose from and there is a Shiny or as the app calls Foil card for every wrestler which is better than the original one.

BW-Tag teams

There are also 23 different match types to choose from when making the Matchcard for that night from choices like Ironman to Barbed Wire matches.

There are also 17 Mic Spots for wrestlers to promote themselves and 26 skits that you can include within the Matchcard to make the in-between breaks more enjoyable for the fans.


So the game is a Simulation game where you choose the fighters and everything they do and simulate it for the result which is a good time waster the only flaw I see in this game is what it would have been good if you could watch how the match plays out but I know that would take more time for the developers to make animation for the wrestlers as well more app space.

Out of Five?

This game has been fun to play and definitely kept me entertained on the Nightshift recently so much so I’ve been running a wrestling company for 6 years on my game. And I’m still not the best Wrestling company on the game.

All that’s been said the game has been thought out very well and includes everything from wrestlers being injured after matches to their retirements, the game is complex with different results and different outcomes with the fighters you choose making this game something you can always get better at.

This game gets a 3/5 Stars for me an all-rounder game to play and take the time away as well as making you want to play more.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

What do you think of 80’s Mania Wrestling? Have you Played it? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

80’s Mania Wrestling Returns! – Website

App Store – Download Here

Google Store – Download Here

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