Boxing Star – App Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be reviewing another Phone App I’ve been playing for a few days now called Boxing Star!

Price – Free! (Does include Microtransactions)

Hours Played – Three

Platform – iOS and Android

So what is Boxing Star?

Boxing Star is a Boxing game where you rise up through the ranks and become a professional world star boxer.



The story to this game is clear and bold, start from the bottom and work your way up and it starts why you fighting in some street brawls with gym owners, to begin with, after a few wins you start to get noticed and work your way into the ring. But the story is not bad but basic.



Your character stars off in random clothes and gloves and you have the choice of three fighters to choose from, you can change them in the game later on however I’ve not found where to do so or how unless it’s a Microtransaction, but the character section is quite cool you can customize them however you want to wear what they want, plus you also unlock items of clothing from winning fights.



So the fighters are pretty much all staged and have a script to follow when fighting them if you can figure it out you can win very easy but it’s still fun to play as the fights get harder and harder the more you progress and that AI Script goes out of the window.

Online Play


So within the game, there is a League mode where you join different leagues and take on players around the world and compete for gold and stars the more stars you have the more you unlock and with the gold, you can buy items and train your boxer. I’ve only played 3 matches in the league mode and I won 2 and lost 1 but it’s the same as the Story mode nothing different but the fights do go a lot quicker in this mode.



The controls are pretty much straight forward and use the whole of the phone screen but you swipe to punch and move to dodge and block pretty much easy but there have been sometimes my fighter hasn’t done what I’ve said but that could be due to the phone and not the game but still quite annoying.



The menu for the game is not bad but feels all squash up and for the first time playing was a little confusing to navigate eventually you get the gist of it and the flaw in this game is the adverts for the shop and promoting them Microtransactions we know there, there so don’t push it under our noses even more if we want to buy them we will. Besides that, it’s not bad but could be improved.

Out of Five?

Boxing Star is a fun little game to play with some spare time and if you like Boxing, in general, I would recommend the game to you like the story grips you to your fighter and wanting him to become the best fighter there is, controls are not bad there is a delay in touch sometimes but it’s not that much of a deal.

The menu was confusing, to begin with, but after a few tries on it you get used to it, unfortunately, the adverts in the game can let it down but if you look past that this game isn’t too bad.

3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Have you played Boxing Star? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

Google Store – Download Here! 

App Store – Download Here!

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