Lewis Capaldi – Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extend

What’s up Warriors! and today I’m going to be reviewing Lewis Capaldi’s debut Album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extend.

So I’ve been following Capaldi’s journey since hearing his Breach EP in 2018 which is where I first heard “Grace” and “Someone You Loved” which back then were decent songs and following his hilarious Instagram stories and his journey to releasing his Debut album has made me follow him even more.

So I’ve been listening to the album on repeat for most properly about a week now and can’t get the songs out of my head and his powerful tone and vocals with each lyric he says.

Plus as he has said before – “If you like songs that are sad and are sung by chubby guys that still live with their parents and haven’t felt a woman’s touch in years, You’re gonna love it!

Anyway, let’s get into the review and songs!

So there are 12 songs on this album with some songs that have been recorded before for single or EP releases.

  1. Grace – So grace appears to detail Capaldi’s struggles in regards to getting over a past relationship, a very powerful song that starts the album off and one that shouldn’t be ignored.
  2. Bruises – This song basically deals with heartache and the end of a long term relationship, so basically as you can see there is a pattern going on within the album but once again a very good song which follows on from “Grace”
  3. Hold Me While You Wait – This song is the 2nd main song on the album as while this song was at number 4 in the charts “Someone You Loved” was at number one this song is basically the piano Ballard of the album.
  4. Someone You Loved – So Capaldi writes this song to a past partner that he misses, even though he gave the relationship he all best she still left him, this song was used to promote the album and even introduced Peter Capaldi in the music video (Link at bottom) this is another ballad on the album that is worth listening to.
  5. Maybe – The fifth song on the album and a nice upbeat song for you to listen to after the two ballads that have just been on Hollywood list this song is just as dark as the others and he basically talks about everything he touches turns to stone and being better off on my own, maybe another past relationship gone sour.
  6. Forever – So this song is basically expressing the fact that everything is temporary in life like life itself, a nice song that flows on so well after “Maybe” but not one of the strong songs compared to the others.
  7. One – In this song, Lewis explores the difficulties of a relationship and the idea of giving it your all, the song is a good one but not one of my favourites.
  8. Don’t Get Me Wrong – This song is definitely my Favourite at the moment the powerful vocals and soul hitting chorus always sends chills down my spine, and the song is about wanting to be with someone that they can’t be with also pulls at the heartstring a little.
  9. Hollywood – This song is the most upbeat song on the album and after the heartstrings being pulled you definitely need it to cheer you up and is basically about spending time in Hollywood.
  10. Lost On You – So this song is about a situation you find yourself in when two people can’t seem to make things work despite their best efforts. A powerful song and one you should check out.
  11. Fade – Fade is a song off his 2017 EP “Bloom” and Lewis has even said this song is about the moment in a relationship you realize that you’re so enamoured with someone. This song is a powerful one and I think I heard this on the radio a while back and not realised who it was but the song is very nice.
  12. Headspace – Is the outro song to an amazing album and basically tells the listener a story a nice soft flowing story to end the album.

Songs to Listen Too

  • Don’t Get Me Wrong
  • Someone You Loved
  • Hollywood
  • Bruises
  • Grace

I would say the whole album but I don’t want to be to Bias.

Out of Five?

This album has been amazing to listen to and I’ve loved every minute of listening and reviewing this there are a few songs on the album I see as “Album fillers” but we get that from every artist out there. And I’m going to say this is the only album this year I’ve actually gone to the shop and brought even after having Apple Music subscription.
And I’ve listened to this album about 8 times and helped with a 3 hour Car journey to Somerset as well.

I’m giving this a 5/5 stars!

Well Done Scottish Beyonce!

What do you think of Lewis’s Debut album? Let me know in the comments below!!

Thanks For Reading

Someone You Loved Music Video

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