Is Playing Older Consoles More Enjoyable?

Hello Warriors!

Today I’m going to be discussing is playing older consoles more enjoyable?

Well If you’ve been following my Instagram you would have seen that I won a Playstation 3 recently for a cheap price as well, if you haven’t seen it then what are you going give me a cheeky follow!

Anyway for people who haven’t seen it here we go!


Bloody Bargain!

But after winning this PS3 it made me think about all the games that I use to play, back on the old workhorse and the number of hours I’ve spend playing games on these consoles compared to the current gens.

Plus the prices of the games on eBay and Amazon are amazing compared to playing for what we do now, I’m stilling waiting for the console to arrive but the amount games I have in my watch list already is crazy! (Any Suggestions leave me a comment!)

My Wife to be and Partner in Crime at Bandicoot Warrior has already borrowed me Fallout 3 for the PS3 so I can replay one of the greats when It arrives.

But all the Nostalgia is coming back to me of how much I played the older consoles with friends more than I do now, so much so I’ve even put the Xbox back in its box for now (Still waiting for Fable 4 MICROSOFT!)

I think the current gens are missing something still to this day but I’m not sure why or what it could be but I know for the next few weeks I’m going to bash out the PS3 and play some oldies on it plus I love the fact that you can now connect a PS4 controller to the PS3 so I can use the bigger controllers!

I honestly didn’t think the ps3 controllers were any smaller than the ps4’s but they are! Either that or my hands are a lot bigger than I remember.


So in the near future, I will do another post answering my own question to whether playing old consoles are more enjoyable now or if they should be a thing left in the past.

Once again if you have any games to suggest for me to check out on the PlayStation that I’ve might have not played before or you want my views on then to give me a comment below!

Thanks for reading! And more posts will be coming soon!!


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6 thoughts on “Is Playing Older Consoles More Enjoyable?

  1. The current gen is missing some blockbuster hits. I’ve owned my PS4 almost since release and the only games I can think of that were really huge was Fallout 4, Witcher 3, and Red Dead 2 (And for me personally the final chapter of Uncharted).

    I know that’s an inflammatory statement, but I’ve seen very little this gen that’s got me excited. Two of my favorite games were actually PS3 releases: The Last of Us (still waiting for the sequel!) and GTAV were both last gen releases too. And they keep putting effort into remastering classics.

    Sorry, rant over. My favorite PS3 games were Uncharted. Midnight club probably got a lot of play time. Any of the Ezio AC games… elder scrolls Skyrim… ugh. So many good games. I really wish someone would release a new arcade racing game I could get excited about. I used to love Need for Speed but they got worse every year until I stopped buying them.

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    1. Yeah I think your right there isn’t any blockbuster hits on the ps4 and there concentrating on remastering games than making them. And I know what you mean about Need for Speed 🙄 They need to another Underground title to bring back that Franchise.


  2. I recommend all of the Ratchet and Clank games, there’s quite a few on PS3. The resistance series is a pretty solid first-person shooter.

    Also PS3’s are backwards compatible with PS1 games. If you have any PS1 games just put them in and have fun 🙂

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    1. Yeah I forgot about the PS1’s playing on the Ps3’s looks like i’ll be getting out my Metal Gear Solid as well :p I will look at Resistance as I’ve never played them and I’d played one of the Ratchet and Clanks before so i’ll look out for them :p

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