Resistance Fall of Man Review

Hello Warriors and today I’m going to be giving my review on the first of the 6 games I’ve bought recently from my last post – Resistance Fall of Man.

Released in 2007 this was a Playstation Exclusive and was a big seller within PlayStation and even became a part of the Platinum classics they did and this is the first time I’ve properly played this game.

Not only that to put a game into the console and not install the game or updates for it I was shocked felt like I was 10 again.


In the 1900s, an insect-like alien race known as the Chimera arrives in Russia. Using advanced technology, they infect hundreds of innocent civilians and subject them to artificial evolution, creating a diverse army of creatures ranging from simple foot soldiers to spider-like giants. By 1949, all of Europe has fallen to the Chimera. The following year, a vast invasion force tunnels under the English Channel, conquering much of England and leaving only scattered pockets of human resistance.


So from reading this, I was interested as it is set in England and any game that’s set in England gets a thumbs up from me.

So playing through this game on normal difficulty didn’t give me too much of a challenge but I kept playing on this difficulty to finish the game, so the story and plot were very thought out for the time of the game and kept me wanting to play the game and see if we could survive the Chimera attacks.

The controls were okay was a little confusing, to begin with for an FPS shooter as the controls were all mapped out differently to what I’m used to and they did also feel clunky and unresponsive at times but for a game that came out in 2007 it wasn’t so bad plus it was one of the first games out on the PS3 at the time.

Guns and weapons on the game were basic but easy to use and the same with health pickups there were enough ammo and health around the levels to pick up for you to use and not die basically there are also quite a few hidden items within the game I didn’t find any but then again I wasn’t looking for them maybe the next playthrough I’ll try my best to find them.

The enemies itself were quite straight forward and easy to kill as long as you had bullets but I liked the idea that Insomniac games had for the design of the enemies and can be quite scary looking.



Overall I think the game is fun and playable, a big thumbs up to set it in the UK there are a few things that could have been improved to the game at the time of release like the camera sensitivity, controls, and introducing trophy support.

But all in all, it’s a good game especially if you haven’t played it like me but I will be picking up the second Resistance next time I nip into town and see if the second one can do this franchise more justice.

3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Let’s hope insomniac games decide to bring the franchise back for the next-gen console, but what do you think of resistance? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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