Toria Wooff – Badlands EP

Welcome Warriors to another post so soon from the last one but today I’m going to be looking at another artist that has been brought to my attention and that is Toria Wooff.

Surfaced on Youtube in 2016 showcasing her songs for the world to see as well as covering songs of her choice before releasing an EP in 2017 titled “Drako” after this she signed to Sloe Flower Records and then releasing her first release with the record label being Badlands.

Badlands which was released on 25th July of this year with 4 tracks to indulge your ears over, and today I’m going to be giving my views and thoughts on this new EP.

  1. Cases – A Beautiful, powerful song that tells a story within its self with resonating guitar playing and soft vocals, to begin with, and getting stronger and stronger with each verse of the song and a nice trot drum beat and strings playing behind these vocals makes this song an all-rounder and a nice song to listen to.
  2.     Collision Course – With this song, you can really see the Folk genre play out with Toria’s playing on the guitar and the echo and reverb effects on them through the amp which gives this song a little edge and a nice steady drumbeat behind it as we;; as the vocals being more upbeat than “Cases” making this song a recommendation to listen too.
  3. For Liam (Souhja) – A nice Acoustic song to put your ears around after 2 powerful songs to bring you back down to earth for this mellow peaceful song with just acoustic and violin playing in the background as Toria once again tells us a story for us to indulge in and use our creative imaginations on.
  4. Smoke – The closing track to this EP “Smoke” features powerful vocals from start to end on this track but also the way the music is played sounds mysterious and that there is more to the story she is telling and as she has said in a previous interview before  ‘Smoke’ is about “that feeling when you sit down and think ‘oh shite, I’m not a kid anymore.’ a great song to end the EP with as well and I don’t like comparing songs with other songs but I feel this had a “White Rabbit” feel to it.

From listening to this EP a few times I can say that I’ve enjoyed listening to Toria as it’s something refreshing than the usual stuff I listen to and If your fan of Bandicoot Warrior you know that Folk isn’t really my genre but these four songs have changed my view on it as well.

Also as I said before I don’t really like comparing other songs and artists with new artists as I think it overshadows them a little bit but with Toria, I can see with her powerful Vocals another Grace Slick in the making and the way she plays the guitar another KT Tunstall as well.

Out of Five?

If I had to give this EP a rating out of five I would give this a strong 3 Stars! I like the storytelling within the songs, the powerful vocals for my eardrums to register and the guitar playing is creative and nice flowing in each song, it’s just a shame there aren’t any more songs to indulge in.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

If you’ve liked reading this little review then give Toria Wooff a listen to and give her the recommission she deserves for writing these songs.

Badlands is out and Available to Stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music Now!

Badlands is also available through Sloe Flower Records. 

What did you think of Toria Wooff? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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