Stranger Things Season 3 Comes to an End

Hey Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing Stranger Things with me just finishing Season 3 today.

So Eight Episodes down over 8 hours and another season over and another Cliffhanger left for us to wonder how Season 4 will begin.

This season is by far the best one yet out of the three mainly because of the 80’s culture playing a big role in this one but also that Shopping Centre!

It reminded me of Dawn of the Dead so much and you can see where the Duffer Brothers get their ideas from but I like it as there basically showing homage to the things they’re taking ideas from and not just copying and pasting it.

Another thing I loved about this season is the bond between the characters got stronger and you could feel the connection between them.

Especially the Steve and Dustin connection which was amazing Steve was like a Dad to Dustin which Dustin doesn’t have within the series.

Plus we get another new edition to the gang being Robin who works with Steve in the Ice Cream Parlour.


This season was by far the best one they’ve done so far and I was hooked from episode one to the end and even watched it in two days and now I want more!

Also, do I think Hopper is out of the picture? I don’t think he is Stranger Things wouldn’t be the same without our own Tom Selleck to cause ruckus within Hawkins.


But also after the season finished there was a post-credits scene with some Russians which looked like a prison or just holding prisoners but one of the guards say “Not The American


Now everyone is thinking it’s Hopper but I’m thinking more outside the box on who it could be and here is who I think it could be.

Possible Prisoners

Dr Martin Brenner


You’ve not seen him since Season 1 and no whereabouts of him have surfaced and people think he is dead but could this be a return to season 4 for him?

Bob Newby


What if Bob didn’t actually die and was taken away by the Russians before it all came crashing down? I know it sounds impossible and he actually did die but you never know!

Also, another crazy theory of mine is the Demogorgon in the post-credits scene stood up like a human could this be Bob that’s turned into one of being feasted on by Demo-dogs???


Barbara Holland


What if she never did die and was captured by the Russians in their experiments within the Upside Down? I know it’s probably not going to happen but that would be a crazy twist especially that shes now had a funeral within the series.

Either way, I can’t wait for season 4 and for it to unravel and for us be fixed on this again but until then we will have to wait, but you know I’m giving this a 5/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 5 Stars

What did you think of stranger things? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!!

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Things Season 3 Comes to an End

    1. I’m loving the 80’s References after watching films and listening to that genre it makes me want to watch more


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