Denis Coleman – Imperfect

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing another artist that has crossed my path recently and that’s Denis Coleman.

Only 16 and has supported “The Vamps” in the UK and has been featured on BBC Manchester Denis has been writing and making music since he was 12 and even got shortlisted in BBC’s Proms Inspire Competition

So today I’m going to be looking at his latest release which is a song called “Imperfect” (Youtube video)

So being released in May along with a music video to follow it I can tell you the song is very creative with the beat behind the vocals making it catchy to listen to plus the Bass in the song, when it's in your headphones, is a plus as well. 

The vocal range on this song is very strong especially for such a young talent I can see Denis going a lot further in his Music Career with a voice like his. 

The song itself overall is a good song, catchy chorus good music to go with the vocals, a song you could dance too and I can see this as a Radio song for some time and if it already isn’t then it should be! 

Out of Five?

If I had to give this track a rating I would give it 3/5 Stars!

As I can see Denis making bigger and better tracks but this song is a strong start within the music business and will definitely give him the Recommission he needs.

Have you listened to this track yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for Reading!

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