blankface – Bonzai Trees

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at another upcoming artist called blankface and their new single called Bonzai Trees.

Being released last month as a single and being included on his upcoming album “SOMEWHERE I DOUBT YOU’LL FIND” on the 13th of September

So from listening to Bonzai Trees, it’s a nice sound to the music and flows quite well and has a great demonstration of experimental and inspirational sound along with synth swirls, powerful chords and an accompanying brass horn build.

Within his music and you can see within his music his main influence is Flying Lotus but I also see a little Aphex Twin as an influence as well for example Aphex’s Xtal song is very similar in my opinion.

The song itself is relaxing to listen to and sends you on a journey providing a creative and inspirational sound along the way but it is also something different within the music industry something that breaks you away from the usual pop sounds we hear every day.

Out of Five?

I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars! It’s different and creative and it’s something that completely different from the normal and it definitely sends me on a journey listening to it. Not much is known about blankface but I feel in a few months time he’s going to be known for his music and the radio play will help that.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

If you’re a fan of Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin and The Prodigy then I would recommend you give blankface a listen and see what you think.

Below are the links you need to get you to the music and profiles.

Apple Music – Click Here

Soundcloud – Click Here

Music Video – Click Here

Let me know in the Comments below what you think of blankface and Bonazi Trees!

Thanks for Reading!

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