I See Rivers – Collide

What’s Up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing another new artist that has been shown to me and they are I See Rivers.

I See Rivers are a unique band that has that “Float Pop” sound and it has landed them the support off PRS Women Make Music and are now recording their highly anticipated debut album for a release in the spring of 2020.

And I’ve been lucky enough to listen to their new single which isn’t released till the end of August thanks to Lander PR so I’m going to be discussing the song and what I think of it.

Here is what the band have said on their new single – “The themes of “Collide” are of conflict and reconciliation, turbulence and transparency. In contrast to the familiar voices and relatable lyrics, the production of the song is both more contemporary and more adventurous than our previous releases, focusing more on creating space using a combination of gritty acoustic sounds and sweeping synthesised elements.”

So with that that said let’s deluge into my review on the song.

So the song is just over 2 and a half minutes long and starts with some soft vocals along with harmonies that go along with them, then the keyboard behind the vocals until it hits the chorus and the bass and beat comes into the song. From giving this a few listens on repeat the song grows on you with the harmonies that are unique and catchy and are very different to usual harmonies in other songs, along with the powerful and strong vocals from all members of the band.

The song may not be a long one but it leaves you listening to it over and over and makes you think more and get in your creative zone more especially with the Harmonies.

Out of Five?

This song  is a great all-rounder and I’ve enjoyed listening to it and I will be definitely looking out for these in the future with them being something different and unusual to what I usually listen to plus the strong vocals from all members of the band make this song great, hopefully, they will get radio play they deserve for this great song!

I’m giving this 4/5 Stars Well Done!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Once again Thank You to Lander PR and I See Rivers for letting me hear the Single early to review it and Collide will be released on 30th August on Spotify and Apple Music for everyone to hear.

Below is a link to their website check out there other music available!

Website – Click Here

Thanks for Reading!

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