Daily Inking – “I Feel Fine”

What’s up warriors and yesterday I was featured in Normal Happenings blog post yesterday discussing “Describe the last time you weren’t feeling well, but had to act like you were feeling fine.”

So I thought I would do a quick post on this discussing the last time I felt like this.

It must have been a month or so ago when my Grandfather passed away and trying to keep a strong for everyone mainly for my dad as he needed me the most at that time.

It shouldn’t have been like that I should have shown my feelings for what happened but I didn’t want to feel selfish when my Dad was grieving.

It was kind of hard as well as I was on holiday when it happened and I was currently writing a post on Lewis Capaldi’s album so it was kinda hard to finish the post as well and concentrate too.

Things that got me through it was Emily which is my rock for everything these days, as well as Lewis Capaldi’s album which I must have listened to about 10 times and still do.

One thing I want to say never feels like you can’t talk to anyone and never shit yourself out I seem to do that a lot and I shouldn’t.

Talking helps believe me.

Once again thanks for Normal Happenings to include me in the Daily Inking’s I’m sorry the post is a little late.

Thanks for reading!

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